Tales from the third dimension: Strike Wing trailer

By Owen Faraday 06 Jun 2013 0
We've got fifteen minutes before we can change our shorts. Dive, dive, dive -- hit your burners, pilot.

Are you one of those cats who watched the trailer for space trading sim Drifter the other day and tutted about the lack of z-axis? Don't you get enough z-axis in your day-to-day existence? Maybe you live in a ground floor apartment.

Anyway, I've got the trailer for you, my friend. Strike Wing is coming to iOS (specifically to iPhone 3Gs and newer devices) and it looks like that World War II-in-space Wing Commander-style space combat sim we all love. As is ever the case with touchscreen action games, much will come down to the tractability of the controls, but the video is pretty nifty -- and the combat features 50% more dimensions than Drifter's.

The trailer for Strike Wing is after the jump. You can follow the game's progress on The Facebook.

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