Tank Battle North Africa maneuvers onto the App Store

By Owen Faraday 18 Jan 2013 0
It's Friday afternoon, I got nothing. Operation Torch-style.

Faithful, reliable Hunted Cow have released their third wargame onto the App Store: Tank Battle North Africa. We first glimpsed North Africa last week - it's cosmetically similar to its predecessor Tank Battle 1944 but carries a lot of upgrades under the hood, with new mechanics like troop transports and flank attacks. As the name implies, Tank Battle North Africa puts you in the shoes of the British Desert Rats and their American compatriots as they duke it out with Rommel's Africa Korps - though there are two optional IAP campaigns that let you fight as the Germans.

At the rate Hunted Cow are putting out wargames, they might be out of popular wars in the next year or two. That's perfectly okay with me, I don't think I've ever played a Crimean War game. Or a War of Jenkins' Ear game.
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