That's more like it: Playdek announces Fluxx

By Owen Faraday 08 Oct 2012 0
Comforting chaos. Comforting chaos.

The last time we heard from the indefatigable Playdek it was when they told us about their hook-up with Arclight Games to produce Tantuo Core, a slightly off-piste title featuring anime maids and the collection thereof.

Late Friday, Playdek passed along news that chaotic card game Fluxx would be their next mobile production (presumably for iOS and Android) - and nary a maid in sight. Playdek's announcement calls Fluxx "an amazingly accessible and fun game with a light-hearted and ever-changing strategic challenge".

Being card games, both Fluxx and Tantuo Core are playing to Playdek's established strengths. The Ascension card game engine has been refined through Nightfall and Summoner Wars - putting out more titles that take advantage of that framework just makes sense. I've quite enjoyed Fluxx when I've played it - it's a game that is best played with other people, not against an AI, so we'll keep an eye on Playdek's multiplayer options. It'd be interesting if Fluxx supported multiple local devices over Bluetooth, an option that Playdek's other card games haven't offered heretofore.

Unlike the Tantuo Core announcement, there's no projected release date for Fluxx. Given the sheer amount of titles Playdek are already working on and their penchant for polish, we probably shouldn't expect to see Fluxx until well into 2013.




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