The Bitstreamers return with Seven Years' War this October

By Owen Faraday 18 Jul 2013 0
Confusingly. In American high schools this gets taught as "The French & Indian War".

I tried (really hard) to get into last year's Civil War: The Battle Game. The Bitstreamers' blue-versus-grey iPad hex wargame initially put me off with graphics that seemed more suited to the Teddy Bears' Picnic than to the War Between the States, but it was the mysterious combat results that got me to put the game down for good.

The Dutch devs have not been waylaid by the lukewarm reception offered to their first title, though. The Bitstreamers got in touch with me yesterday to reveal their next effort, Seven Years' War: The Battle Game, which acts on the feedback proffered by players of Civil War. The new title has a less whimsical art style and gives players deeper insights into combat results. That's absolutely everything I wanted, so I'm either going to have to love this game with all my heart or find a trove of things to complain about.

The game is currently due out in October and will sport Game Center-based multiplayer and two campaigns fought from the Prussian side of things. I'll keep you posted.
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