The catalogue of ships: Strike Wing's vessels on show in new trailer

By Owen Faraday 19 Aug 2013 0
I'm not such a bad pilot myself. This ain't your T-16 back home, kid.

Watch this new trailer for iOS space combat sim Strike Wing -- I am really impressed by it. The game engine looks lovely, of course (full 3D with a z-axis, as we discussed the first time we talked about this game back in June) but it's the ship design that I liked in particular. All of the different ship manufacturers have their own unique design language. That's the sort Ravenmark-style attention to nerd detail that I can get behind.

Developer Dragos Inoan, one half of the duo behind Strike Wing, wrote me today to say that the game was nearing completion and the hope is to have the game up in the App Store for September. Dragos says that Strike Wing will be a fully-featured sim like you remember Wing Commander and X-Wing being. Space will be full of fighters, bombers, and capital ships, and there will be a big, replayable single-player campaign supported by lots of free content updates.

Sounds brilliant -- now Dragos just needs to deliver on all of those lovely promises. But if the game's as lovely as the trailer, we won't have anything to worry about.

The Strike Wing trailer is after the jump. You can follow the game's progress on its blog and on Twitter.

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