The dulcet tones of Owen's voice: Qt3 Podcast

By Owen Faraday 10 Jan 2013 0
The Happening Is that really what my voice sounds like?

I had a bit of a late night last night - I stayed up to chat with Tom Chick and Jason McMaster for Quarter to Three's games podcast. I brewed a fresh cup of coffee when we started the show at 11pm London time - a mistake in hindsight because I was wide awake reading about air crash investigations on Wikipedia for long after the recording wrapped up.

I've been reading Tom Chick's writing since I was just a pup, so spending an hour and half chatting about games with him was rather exciting for me. Check out the show over at Qt3 - we discuss PT's game of the year picks, some of the news coming out of CES, and even my secret nationality.

The Skype connection isn't brilliant at first, but it does clear up as the show goes on. Thanks again to Tom for having me on.
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