The Friday Crowdfunder: Cthulhu World Combat and SotS: The Pit

By Owen Faraday 16 Nov 2012 0
Cthulhu waits. Colour out of space.

This week was unusual in that not a single new Kickstarter pitch arrived to jingle its change cup in my inbox. Does this herald the arrival of Peak Kickstarter? Or will the karmic balance restore itself with a deluge of Kickstarters next week? The latter, I'll bet.

We devoted a couple of hundred words to the worthiness of Cthulhu World Combat back in October, but alas - the star-spawn have not aligned correctly for Sandy Petersen's opus. With a month gone and just about a fortnight to go in the campaign, the Lovecraftian strategy game has raised less than a tenth of its $300,000 goal. A real pity. But Cthulhu has been waiting a long time, he can lie dreaming a little longer.

Over on Indiegogo, the campaign for Sword of the Stars-based roguelike The Pit has also closed, having raised a little over a third of its $60,000 target. Because Indiegogo uses a flexible funding system, unlike Kickstarter's all-or-nothing approach, Kerberos will get the money raised. I really do hope the game gets made, but in the event that it doesn't - don't say I didn't warn you.
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