The Friday Crowdfunder: Galactic Keep

By Owen Faraday 07 Dec 2012 0
The company you keep. A galaxy far, far away.

One of my most anticipated iOS games of 2012 is looking for a little help and pushing back release until the spring of 2013. Just appearing on Kickstarter todayGalactic Keep: Dice Battles is a pen-and-paper RPG-inspired game with an art style that could have graced the cover of Heavy Metal back in the 70s. You control a squad of 19th-century humans who've been mysteriously transported to another galaxy. Your squad explores their new environment and tries to find a way home, fighting and befriending aliens they find along the way.

Galactic Keep has been in the works since 2009, but devs Gilded Skull are a professional outfit with a track record of shipping product, so the long development time isn't as worrying as it would be with first-timers. The devs are looking for a comparatively modest $45,000 - but they've set their deadline two weeks from now.

I really want this game to succeed - it looks so fresh and different. But I wonder if potential Kickstarter backers aren't a little more concerned about buying Christmas and Hanukkah presents than anything else right now.

If Galactic Keep's backstory piques your interest, check out the lore section of the game's website, which Gilded Skull have been adding to over the past few months.
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