The Friday Crowdfunder: Leviathans gives up the ship - for now

By Owen Faraday 21 Dec 2012 0
England expects. Live to fight another day.

Leviathans devs Hyper Hippo have bowed to the almost-certainly inevitable and pulled the plug on their Kickstarter. Originally due to close on the 17th of January, there seemed little chance of the iOS miniatures game hitting its $300,000 goal by then.

"This week we realized the need for a working demonstration of the game play in order to captivate fans imaginations and garner the backing we require," producer Tristan Rattink told me. Despite the popularity of the physical miniatures game, the digital Leviathans Kickstarter got off to a lackluster start and Hyper Hippo's updates did little to fuel it.

The common thread that ties together some of the rockiest Kickstarter rides of the latter part of 2012 is lack of gameplay footage. Leviathans didn't have any on show - and the "proof of concept" video that Hyper Hippo belatedly released last week didn't seem to have that open sesame effect on many wallets.

I asked Rattink what Plan B was. "We really want to make this game, but may need to take a different approach to getting there. We have a lot of drive left in us," he said. "We now have the necessary time to reassess the best approach to bring this game to the digital space."

I really think there's a market for Warhammer-style collectible wargames on iOS - but between the holidays and the Kickstarter malaise that has set in of late, this wasn't the right time. We'll see what the Leviathans devs have to say in the new year.

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