The Friday Crowdfunder: Telepath Tactics, Barkley 2, and The Guide to Glorantha

By Owen Faraday 30 Nov 2012 0
Warning! Tsundere! Warning! Tsundere!

Previously, on The Friday Crowdfunder - things were looking grim for Cthulhu World Combat. They're even grimmer now, I'm afraid: with 72 hours until the deadline, Sandy Petersen's Lovecraftian pet project has miles to go to hit its goal. Petersen appears to have given up on the venture, anyway - there hasn't been an update on the Kickstarter page since the second of November.

In more hopeful news, the Kickstarter for Barkley 2 - just two days old - is already successful. This is the sequel to Barkley, Shut Up And Jam Gaiden, the greatest JRPG never made by Japan. The game is planned for PC & Mac, but the devs responded affirmatively when I asked them if they were planning an iOS port. Gentlemen and ladies of refinement will be getting in at the $100 pledge level to secure their own Cyberdwarf body pillows.

Maybe it's really a word and I'm just a jerk. Manipulable!

Telepath Tactics is a turn-based tactical RPG set in a fantasy steampunk universe. The game boasts 22 different unit classes and "manipulable" battlefields (note to devs: how about "dynamic" battlefields? that one's on the house) and is very close to completion. Developer Craig Stern told me that one of his heretofore unannounced stretch goals will definitely be mobile ports of the game. Stern is looking for $25,000 in the next month and he's a fifth of the way there already.

This last pitch isn't a video game - it's a reference book on Glorantha, the fictional universe in which King of Dragon Pass takes place. The Guide to Glorantha is "a massive 10" x 12" full color hardback book containing the geography, history and cultures of Glorantha." Hardcore KoDP fans might want to get in on this already successful Kickstarter just to nab some of the rewards.
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