The men who stare at goats: Summoner Wars expands on Monday

By Owen Faraday 01 Aug 2013 0
Is that Scoble under there? Google Glass gets weirder every time I see it.

Finally. Playdek is releasing a new expansion pack for last year's PT Editor's Choice Game of the Year, Summoner Wars. News just arrived from San Diego that the expansion will go live on the App Store on Monday and for the price of $2.99 you will net a pair of new factions: the goatmen of the Mountain Vargath clan, and the mind-controlling Lycra enthusiasts known as the Benders.

Tucked away in the press release announcing the new factions is a note that the fantasy card game/wargame hybrid will no longer be free to download -- the base game now costs a dollar. That's an interesting change in strategy for Playdek, and I'll be sure to ask them about it next chance I get. The new price has not yet gone into effect as I write this, so if you haven't picked up Summoner Wars yet you should hop over to the App Store and get it while the getting's free.

In my interview earlier this year with Joel Goodman, the Playdek CEO told me that the studio realized they'd left the Summoner Wars franchise idle for too long and that they intended to give the game the support it deserved. This looks like the first step towards making good on that promise.

UPDATE: Playdek have sent along some screenshots of the new factions in-game. I've got those for you after the jump.

BBR Not a Futurama reference.

See you out there. I'm going to be playing these goat-men, I think.
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