Time machines: Da Vinci's Art of War nears completion

By Owen Faraday 18 Jan 2013 0
Leo's War "Tell me if anything was ever done."

Originally planned for release last year, the development of alternate history wargame Da Vinci's Art of War seems to have slipped a bit - my crack team of chronologists informs me that it is now 2013. Italian devs Mixel told me a few months ago that they were hoping for a launch in November, but Hofstadter's Law seems to have been invoked.

Now things seem to be getting back on track: Mixel are making hopeful noises on Art of War's Facebook page and the devs told me that they hope to have some news about the iPad game in February.

Based on a Fantasy Flight board game from 2008, Art of War features an auction system for acquiring Leonardo's inventions which players use to conquer Europe in a Risk-like combat system. Should be fun for simultaneous multiplayer.
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