Total War Battles: Shogun drops tonight

By Owen Faraday 18 Apr 2012 0

Round about midnight Eastern time tonight, long-running PC strategy series Total War will make its iOS debut when Total War Battles: Shogun shows up on the App Store.

I don't know about you but I was sold on this when I saw hexes and samurai - everything else is gilding the lily. Now despite those hexes, Total War Battles is a real-time strategy game and it seems like it plays a bit like a castle defense. It looks genuinely different from any mobile strategy game out right now. There's an enormous 15-minute gameplay video from Sega below for the curious.


Total War Battles: Shogun is a universal app for iPhone and iPad, it'll set you back $6.99 and should be available around midnight in your country.

UPDATE: It's up in the US App Store for $6.99 and in the UK App Store for a fiver. Let us know what you think if you pick it up.
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