VPG tries on some new kicks: Roundhouse

By Owen Faraday 19 Aug 2013 0
Please do not kick your mom. Look Ma, no hands.

I thought I was branching out this morning when I put a different color Nespresso capsule in the machine this morning. No, says Victory Point Games. This is branching out: Roundhouse.

The makers of sober historical strategy offerings like Zulus on the Ramparts and Levee en Masse have released Roundhouse, a Double Dragon-style beat-em-up for iOS and Android. As the name implies, Roundhouse is about kicking people and apparently only kicking people -- every shot in the trailer employs some amusing contrivance to enure that punching is not possible: holding a guitar, being in a straitjacket, etc.

It's a far cry from the Battle of Rourke's Drift or the Vendée uprising, but that's cool. It might be a tongue-in-cheek action game but I think Roundhouse shows that VPG are serious about making more mobile games. I hope they're cooking up another board game conversion next, though.

The trailer is after the jump, and there's free versions on both the App Store and the Play Store to try out.

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