Wadjet Eye adventure games coming to iOS

By Owen Faraday 08 Nov 2012 0
I know that reference isn't spot-on, but it's early. Get ye flask.

Adventure games are mystifyingly under-represented on mobile devices. The outstanding iPhone port of adventure classic Beneath a Steel Sky proved that the genre works perfectly on touchscreens - better than it does with mouse and keyboard, I'd say. The measured pace and cerebral demands of a good adventure game are a lot better suited to sitting on the couch with your iPad and glass of wine than they are to hunching over your computer. So why aren't there more?

I sent a missive to Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye games after I discovered the moody sci-fi adventure Primordia on the longlist for the Independent Games Festival.  I wanted to know if Gilbert had any plans to bring Primordia to iOS, and his answer was tantalizing: "Yep we do! It might be awhile yet, because we're porting over one game at a time, but it will come eventually."

If Wadjet Eye is porting games to mobile "one at a time", that means we'll be seeing one of the New York-based studio's other highly regarded adventures, like sci-fi noir detective story Gemini Rue or supernatural mystery The Blackwell Deception on iOS before long.



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