Warbarons: A Warlords 2 remake you can play on your tablet

By Owen Faraday 17 May 2012 0
Adam Smith at Rock Paper Shotgun posted yesterday about Warbarons, a browser-based free-to-play remake of the classic Warlords PC strategy series. RPS, you might know, is a site whose remit is as narrow as this blog's is - where Pocket Tactics only covers mobile games, they only cover PC games. But here's the thing: Warbarons "is written in JavaScript and PHP so it [is] playable on mobiles and pads."

Occupy, Pillage, Sack, or Raze?

That's right kids: Warbarons is Warlords 2 that you can play on your iPad. Don't take my word for it, cast your eyes at yonder screenshot. That's me, capturing a neutral city with my horse lord Owynn Faradai. The game even makes concessions for the limitations of mobile Safari - tapping a button once calls up the tool-tip, tapping it a second time commits. I haven't played much more than 20 minutes, but it works just fine on a 3rd-gen iPad. I haven't dusted off my Android tablet yet but I expect it should work much the same. I presume it would work on a phone as well, but the smaller screen might prove too much of a hassle.

It's all a little wonky, but the game is still in development. What do you want for free, people? Go play Warbarons.

UPDATE: Alas! It seemed too good to be true, and indeed it was. MazerRackham points out in the comments that heroes can't pick up items, as that requires mouse dragging. Still, Warlords' AI wasn't ever exactly Deep Blue, so if you're willing to play sans loot, Warbarons will still work on your tablet.

I'll reach out to the devs - stay tuned.
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