Warlords Classic HD is a leisurely tour of Illuria

By Owen Faraday 14 Jun 2012 0
Elder Trolls. Elder Trolls.

Remember Warbarons from a couple of weeks back? That Javascript remake of Warlords II that worked (after a fashion) in iPad Safari? Warbarons was just on the other side of playable on the iPad, unfortunately. It did a great job of awakening an itch for Warlords - not such a great job at scratching it.

If your hankering for Warlords persists unabated, check out Warlords Classic HD, which just materialized on the App Store yesterday. Warlords Classic is a slavishly faithful rendition of the original Warlords: everything is there, from the extensive graphs, to the unit sprites - there's even the suspenseful pause between exploring a ruin and seeing your result, something that made my neck hairs stand up when I was a kid. The only playable map at the moment is the one most are likely to remember: Illuria, faithfully recreated with all the same cities for your armies to sack and ruins for your mercenary heroes to explore.

The downside to this devotion is that the remake recreates aspects of Warlords that nostalgia may have deleted from your memory. When the enemy empires play their turns, you will see every agonizing move they make. When you press "end turn" in a game with a lot of AIs, best run down to the grocer and pick up what you need for dinner. And then make it. And eat it. It's going to be a while, is what I'm trying to say.

One other misstep is that the text translations have their unintentionally hilarious moments: heroes "whish" to join your "fraction", etc. The developer doesn't seem to be a native English speaker, but what he's achieved as a one-man dev team should earn him a spelling pass and then some. At two dollars, Warlords Classic HD is two dollars more expensive than Warbarons, but it's a heck of a lot more playable.




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