Weekend Price Drops: Let The Cops Handle This Edition

By Owen Faraday 05 Jan 2013 0
Manhattan Murder Mystery There's no Rudy Giuliani in Yesterday's universe, for better or worse.

Phil might not have been completely convinced by comedy adventure Hollywood Monsters when he reviewed it last month, but he liked the game's moxie. Fans of the genre who need a fix while awaiting the iOS release of Gemini Rue or Jane Jensen's Moebius can pick up the previous outing from Hollywood Monsters creators Pendulo Studios.

Yesterday is cut from a very different thematic cloth than Hollywood Monsters - it's a murder mystery set in a dark, graffiti-strewn New York that hasn't existed since Charles Bronson was making Death Wish films. The game's story is told from the point of view of multiple playable characters - Pendulo's trademark, apparently. It's on sale for $2.99, down from the usual $6.99.

Constructor's trophy. Is Grand Prix Builder as cool as the concept sounds? Tell us in the comments.

Squids Wild West is the acclaimed sequel to Squids - a turn-based tactical game with Angry Birds-esque slingshot mechanics and some lavishly-illustrated graphics. I have to admit that the cartoony Squids never really grabbed me but I seem to be alone in that judgement because the games are often mentioned in the same breath as Final Fantasy Tactics and other strategy RPG classics. Squids Wild West is currently free, down from the usual two bucks.

Grand Prix Builder isn't a game I've played yet but I'm downloading it as hard as I can right now. It looks like a racing game but it's actually a subversion of them: for each race you are given a car with certain characteristics (ex. strong acceleration or high top speed) and you win the race by designing a track that plays to your car's strengths. That's a design worthy of Peter Molydeux. Grand Prix Builder is currently free, down from $0.99.
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