Weekend Price Drops: Sync The Halls Edition

By Owen Faraday 22 Dec 2012 0
Trust me. Pro-tip: This is the best God of Blades sword.

With Christmas a couple of days away, it's worth noting that Apple has come to their senses and restored gifting functionality to the App Store - just hit the share button on the app you're looking at it and pops up as an option. The iOS 6 update initially did away with gifting from your device and you had to step into the hideous maw of desktop iTunes to buy your friend an app. Cupertino's ways are mysterious.

The vast array of sales on right now encompasses a few of the games mentioned in our 2012 awards - good time to give them a swing if you haven't yet.

Our Action Game of the Year, God of Blades, is going for just a dollar, down from three - action game runner-up Punch Quest returns to the price whence it began and is free.

It's not quite the Aerobiz followup I've always hoped for but as business sims go you can do a lot worse than Air Tycoon 2 and Air Tycoon 2 HD - the iPhone edition is on sale for $0.99 and the iPad version for $1.99.

Action RPG Bastion is rightly acclaimed as one of the best ports of the year - if you didn't play it on console or PC it's well worth getting on iOS. The dynamic narrator who dramatically describes your feats is the star of the show here, so make sure you play it with the sound on. Bastion is on sale for a dollar, a deep discount from five.

Score! Classic Goals is a line-drawing tactical puzzle game with some particularly lovely presentation - even if you don't care for football it's a beautiful app to look at. Currently on offer for free.

I wish I'd reviewed it so I could have used that line earlier. Bastion: the kid stays in the picture.

iPhone tactical RPG Solarian Tactics didn't exactly sweep Clancy off his feet when he reviewed it last month, but aficionados of the similar LostStar Tactics may find it worth a shot for a dollar.

King of Dragon Pass, the one-of-a-kind adventure game that Shenandoah Studio's David Dunham made his name with is on sale for $7.99, down from the usual ten bucks.

If you're itching for Playdek's forthcoming release of Uwe Rosenberg's Agricola, you can temper that hunger with Codito's adaptation of Rosenberg's Le Havre, on sale for $2.99.

Last, but not least, the in-app expansion decks within the extraordinary Ascension are currently on sale. If you picked up Ascension whilst it was free recently, now's the time to grab all the cards you're missing.
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