Weekend Price Drops: The Barley Fields Whisper Forbidden Secrets Edition

By Owen Faraday 01 Dec 2012 0
Wag the dog, Glorantha-style. Consult your What Would Issaries Do? bracelet.

To celebrate their 25,000th sale, A Sharp have dropped the price of King of Dragon Pass to $6.99 - the best price we've seen all year for the game.

If you don't own King of Dragon Pass yet, rectify that today, before we send you off to the Pocket Tactics Re-education Camp & Day Spa. There's absolutely nothing like its unique blend of Civilization and Choose-Your-Own-Adventure anywhere else on the App Store, or any other platform for that matter. It's a brilliant game and it wounds me that its 2011 release precludes it from inclusion in our 2012 awards.

Originally launched as an iPhone game, KoDP was recently updated into a Universal app.
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