Weekend Price Drops: Yeti Repellent Edition

By Owen Faraday 07 Sep 2013 0
The BBC can't be everywhere. Gardener's Question Time cannot help you down here.

We don't exactly have a huge number of interesting sales this weekend, which is probably for the best. In most of the places where PT is read, the Earth will soon be tilted away from the sun, rousing the dire wolves and yeti-folk from their long mid-year slumber -- so go outside and enjoy the late summer while it's still safe to do so.

Chief among the weekend sales is Waking Mars, a curious adventure/platformer about manipulating the indigenous inhabitants of the red planet to solve puzzles. Learning what each plant does and getting them to interact with each other reminded me powerfully of deciphering the alien language in the first Oddworld game. Interestingly, there's basically no violence in Waking Mars, though you will get swatted by the occasional space cactus. Only when you deserve it, though.

Waking Mars is on sale for $2, down from the usual $5. More price drops after the jump.

Was he in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance? I guess I haven't seen the western that has Santa in it.

Light-hearted spaghetti western-themed card game Bang! is available for free. A slightly older game, it harkens back to the dark days before Universal apps were common and so it's split into an iPhone and an HD iPad edition. I'm told there's a fairly robust online multiplayer population for this one.

Jundroo, the physics game specialists behind the recently-released Kerbal-like SimpleRockets are giving away the rest of their catalog for free. Some of these games look a little threadbare (Bridge Basher seems a poor substitute for good 'ol Bridge Constructor) but Dummy Defense and SimplePhysics are pretty well-reviewed.
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