You and what army: Highgrounds could be Spry Fox's next mobile game

By Owen Faraday 11 Dec 2012 0
Bring back the Highgrounds draft Not about the recent legal about-face in Washington and Colorado.

Nowak tipped me to the existence of Highgrounds - it's the browser-based Flash beta for Spry Fox's latest game. This is the outfit that had a bona fide hit this year with puzzle game Triple Town. Highgrounds shares some of that game's design sensibilities, but it's rather different mechanically.

Highgrounds is a turn-based game. Each turn, you recruit soldiers to your army and decide whether you want them to gather resources or fight the opposing army. Commit too many soldiers to resource-gathering and you put yourself at risk, and if you overwhelm the enemy then you have a chance to defeat them. Each soldier is unique, and it looks like Highgrounds will eventually let you assemble your own army out of soldiers you've acquired, a little like making a Summoner Wars deck.

With history as our guide, Highgrounds could be on iOS and Android in the near future - just as Spry Fox's last two outings, Triple Town and Steambirds Survival were. I can see myself playing a heck of a lot of this game on iOS.

I've pinged a note over to Spry Fox to see if they're willing to indulge our curiosity.

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