You can have Le Havre for a fiver (UPDATED)

By Owen Faraday 19 Jun 2012 0
We used to make shit in this country. We used to make shit in this country.

We've known that Codito's universal iOS port of euro board game Le Havre has been in the App Store queue for a little while - but we hadn't heard a firm figure on the price yet. I talked with Codito's press guys today and they confirmed that the game will be selling for an introductory price of $4.99, eventually rising to $6.99.

Le Havre is one of the highest-ranked board games to ever manifest as an iOS app - it's number seven on BGG's chart. I haven't played the board game myself, but from what I've gathered it's all about stevedores, which leads me to believe that Le Havre is a

Le Havre should be out any day now.

Le Havre is le here: $4.99 in the App Store, as promised.



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