Your going to like it alot: The Grading Game

By Owen Faraday 11 Dec 2012 0
"Grammar is a piano I play by ear." Grocer's apostrophe begone.

"Really? Is that a thing?" I'd just showed The Grading Game to current PhD student Phil.

Oh yes, Phil, it is a thing. The Grading Game takes place in a whimsical fantasy universe where a grad student's loan debt is paid off incrementally each time they grade a paper. You're in a race against the clock to find grammar and spelling mistakes, with the goal of failing as many undergrads as possible.

"I've worked hard to make the game pop and shine, and the result is pretty addictive," developer Charles Deck told me, "particularly if you're a grammar nut or a stickler for errors like 'alot'."

The Grading Game was originally conceived as "First-Person Tutor" and created for the 7 Day FPS game jam - you may have read about it in RPS. It's out today as an iOS universal app for a buck - a 50% off launch sale. Check for Phil's review in the next week or so.
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