Pocket Tactics Best of 2012 Awards

We’re keeping track here of all the games and developers we’ve recognized as the best (and worst) of the year during Pocket Tactics Awards Fortnight.

Here’s our Favourite Games of 2013 So Far.

Award Winner Runner-up
Disappointment of the Year Goko Borderlands Legends
Publisher of the Year Playdek Crowdfunders
Word/Puzzle Game of the Year 10000000 Letterpress
Sports Game of the Year iOOTP Baseball 2012 New Star Soccer
Action Game of the Year God of Blades Punch Quest
RPG of the Year Organ Trail Plague Inc.
Wargame of the Year Battle of the Bulge Battle Academy
Card/Board Game of the Year Summoner Wars Lost Cities
Multiplayer Game of the Year Summoner Wars Letterpress
Editor’s Choice Game of the Year Summoner Wars Battle of the Bulge
Readers’ Choice Game of the Year Battle Academy Lost Cities