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Weekend Price Drops: Tanks for the Memories Edition

Lend-Lease: potlatch for tanks.

Lend-Lease: potlatch for tanks.

It’s World of Tanks maker’s 16th birthday this week, and to celebrate they’re giving everyone in the world a free tank, thus confirming that Wargaming is run by Hank Scorpio. Wargaming’s company timeline is an interesting read, actually — I had completely forgotten that they were the studio behind Massive Assault back in the early 2000s.

If you log into World of Tanks Blitz on iOS today, your account will get a free tank slot and that slot will be promptly filled with a free Soviet M3 Stuart. The Stuart is a zippy little thing but it’s got thinner skin than Kanye West, so drive it like a skirmisher and you’ll have a great time with it. PC players get a freebie today, too — the delightfully-named Japanese Te-Ke.

If you’re going to use the free premium tank as a reason to get into World of Tanks Blitz this weekend, be sure to check out my newbie guide for the game. I’m going to give that thing a fresh edit and and some more content tomorrow, I think, as I’ve just spotted a typo in it.

More of this weekend’s deals below.

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Weekend Price Drops: Once in a Lifetime Edition

And you may ask yourself, "Well... how did I get here?"

And you may ask yourself, “Well… how did I get here?”

This weekend is associated with no particular holiday or milestone and yet — thanks to the munificence of Space Emperor Xerxes XIV, whose every howl is like music to his subjects — it is quite possibly the biggest discount weekend of the year so far.

We’ve got the first-ever discount on out-sized WWII wargame Panzer Corps, a big sale on squad tactical game Frozen Synapse (our runner-up Multiplayer Game of the Year last year), and more besides. Trailers and discounts await your attention below.

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Weekend Price Drops: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Discounts Edition [UPDATED]

King George was mightily displeased when he learned of Jeff Goldblum's treachery.

King George was mightily displeased when he learned of Jeff Goldblum’s treachery.

Two-hundred and thirty-eight years ago yesterday, George Washington and Jeff Goldblum piloted a captured Montgolfier balloon onto the British mothership and uploaded a computer virus which disabled the King’s legions of freedom-hating Sentinel robots, providing an opening for General Lynyrd Skynyrd to lead the Continental Army to a decisive victory over the royalist forces led by Rowan Atkinson.

It is in honour of that historic act of black hat sneaker-net hacking that we celebrate the 4th of July by downloading discounted iPhone games. After the jump, let the celebrations begin.

[UPDATE, Sunday the 6th: King of Dragon Pass is on sale, too. If you're into games and you haven't played King of Dragon Pass, that's like calling yourself a movie buff having never seen a Kurosawa film. You need to play KoDP, and it only goes on sale once or twice a year, so carpe diem. It's usually ten dollars, but it's discounted to eight until Sunday night.]

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Weekend Price Drops: Contentious Objector’s Edition

Lower the ramp. See you on the beach.

Lower the ramp. See you on the beach.

Between Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein and World of Tanks Blitz, this was one hell of a release week– but what if you’re just sick to death of World War II? I’m not. At all. I’m happy to keep fighting World War II until a time traveller kills Hitler and erases it from our timeline.

But I completely sympathise with you if you’re over it. How many times have you charged up the beach at Normandy? How many times have you invaded Poland? I have an astonishingly good grasp of that country’s geography as a result. Need directions from Poznan to Warsaw? I’m your dude, and I’ve never even been to Poland in real life. That’s kinda weird.

So after the jump, lots of interesting games that are on discount right now — and not a single Garand or Fallschirmjaeger amongst them.

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Weekend Price Drops: All Killer, No Filler Edition

It's getting hot in herre.

It’s getting hot in herre.

Well somebody sacrificed an animal to the right deity this weekend (it wasn’t me, unless you count the dry, brillo-like chicken I overcooked for dinner yesterday) because this weekend’s price drops are a standout bunch that can be recommended almost entirely without reservation.

Let’s have a browse after the break.

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Weekend Price Drops: Perfect DNS Resolution Edition

The wolf among us.

The wolf among us.

Before we get to the games, let me just apologise to anyone and everyone who had trouble reaching Pocket Tactics over the last 48 hours. We were changing hosts, which is a stressful affair in the best of circumstances and I have come out the other side of the process having made a Gandalf-like transition into premature greying. Everything’s sorted now though — thanks very much for bearing with us.

Perhaps in atonement for this week’s bellyflop new release night, the universe has granted us a decidedly decent haul of discounts. Not bad, universe. You’re back on the good list.

After the break, trailers and details about four very good games and one truly abysmal one.

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Weekend Price Drops: Load-bearing Edition

Alec Guinness tried to stop this.

Alec Guinness tried to stop this.

I’ve been about halfway done with a review of it for about a week now, but I’ll spoil that now and tell you that Bridge Constructor Medieval is absolutely the best thing going from all the sales on this weekend.

I had a complicated relationship with its predecessor Bridge Constructor, an experience that often felt like a coldly administered IQ test. Like the old version, Bridge Constructor Medieval teaches you almost nothing about physics and engineering and then expects you to rediscover millennia-old principles of bridge-building on your own, a condescending attitude towards the player that I find weirdly appealing. Although Medieval adds little in the way of tutorials, it does expand greatly on the available objectives for each bridge-building challenge — including some “trap” levels where your goal is to make an apparently stable bridge that collapses once a certain number of people are on it. Clever stuff. It’s a delightful game and I highly recommend it.

Trailers and details about this weekend’s price drops after the jump.

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Weekend Price Drops: Up From the Depths Edition

It's not easy being green.

It’s not easy being green.

I think the first thing I ever bought with my own money was a careworn VHS copy of Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla, purchased from a flea market stall with a fistful of meticulously counted and rolled coins. My love for Godzilla runs deep, but not even I was holding out much hope for Godzilla: Smash3, which was announced in March. It’s a movie tie-in game, after all, a category whose reputation for quality lies somewhere between prison food and New Jersey wines.

Plot twist: Godzilla: Smash3, released just yesterday, is pretty damned enjoyable. It’s actually the best Dungeon Raid clone I’ve played since Wargames: WOPR, and it might even be a little better than that oft-overlooked gem. I’m sorry to report that unlike Wargames, it’s free-to-play, but the freemium mechanics are unobtrusive and fade into the background quickly whilst you occupy yourself with stomping Tokyo flat and cattily swatting Harriers out of the sky. Good stuff.

Godzilla trailer (and other price drops) follow.

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