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Shooting at the walls the zeds ate: Chainsaw Warrior gets sequel, discount

"Got into my hand and it went bad, so I lopped it off at the wrist. It, uh, got in that guy's head too. Definitely."

“Got into my hand and it went bad, so I lopped it off at the wrist. It, uh, got in that guy’s head too. Definitely.”

Auroch Digital’s updated Chainsaw Warrior was seen by many as a wholly faithful adaptation of the 1987 Games Workshop original. Like its progenitor, digital Warrior is a timed, single-player, dice-driven jaunt through a deck of zombified nasties that have overrun New York City (maybe upstate New York, too, but who would notice?) with the help of a supernatural evil, Darkness.

Owen praised the game’s grimy sci-fi while lambasting how it played in his review. In short: the thing’s heavy on chance, light on decisions, and that goes for both the ’87 classic and the newfangled app.

Now, appearing from the shadows like some alternate Earth mutation, comes Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night, a full sequel to Chainsaw Warrior that will hopefully temper the dice rolling with some more substantial mechanics. Auroch are making special mention of improved combat, an upgrades system, and mini-bosses that promise tactical challenge, though it remains to be seen just how far the game will stray from the original’s formula.

Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night will be $4.99 on iOS, Android, and Steam early next year. To celebrate the sequel announcement, Chainsaw Warrior is on sale today, down to $1.99 from $4.99 on iOS, with a similar Android and PC drop coming as well (though at the time of writing those two versions still appear full-price).

Chainsaw Warrior trailer after the jump, as well as the PT Predict-O-Tron’s estimation of what Lords of the Night might look like.

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Come sale away: Last chance to vote on Tin Man Games’ steep weekend discount

Now  you must pass a skill check for gerrymandering.

Now you must pass a skill check for gerrymandering.

Aren’t elections just the best in those final few hours, when all the campaigning is done, everything’s up in the air, and the only thing left to do is wait and watch the will of the voters run its course? We here at Pocket Tactics certainly think so, especially when we neglect to cover a brilliant crowd-driven weekend sale until the final day.

Tin Man Games are running a poll, found here, to determine which of their gamebook adventures will sport an over 80% discount this weekend on iOS and Android. The candidates include pulpy fantasy tales such as An Assassin in Orlandes, Sultans of Rema, and The Wizard from Tarnath Tor, among others. Noticeably absent from this sale are the Fighting Fantasy titles (including Caverns of the Snow Witch, which we’ll have a review of soon).

Most of these are running for $6 on the App Store, or for considerably less if you pick up one of the Tin Man gamebook bundles. Still, this weekend looks like a good time to dip one’s toes in the gamebook experience (choose your own adventure with extra parts stats-management and equal parts embarrassing death because you tried to arm-wrestle an orc) for next to nothing.

Voting closes at 9pm GMT, so go exercise your democratic privilege. And, after casting a ballot, talk up your favorite candidate in the comments. Depending on our constitution check we’ll have either a painstakingly researched, Nate Silver-led breakdown of the votes or a retweet from @TinManGames when the race is over.

All men must free: Last chance to nab GoT parody Twitchy Thrones for nada

All men must also pun.

All men must also pun.

After several years of widespread acclaim for George R.R. Martin’s gritty, twisty fantasy world Westeros–really for the HBO series based on that writing, to be honest–we’re not quite yet at the point of max Game of Thrones saturation. But maybe we’re close–in fact, you might even say that the cultural winter for the series is, in fact, coming. (Jeez that’s played out…)

Or maybe I’m a miserable cynic unfit for the lowest House of the realm. Point is, Twitchy Thrones is a land-grab strategy game which ever so lovingly takes the piss out of everyone’s favorite serialized snuff film. Today’s also the last day you can grab it for free.

Despite roots as a Ludum Dare entry that, fittingly, focused on character’s with incredibly short life spans and incredibly active libidos (with a sort of dynasty system, now cut from the game), Twitchy Thrones as it stands is more about big battles than anything else. Main developer Ricardo Moura contacted us via email with some details, writing that the main gameplay thrust is a trade-off between defending key choke-points and presumably costlier attacks to grab more plots of land. More plots equals more troops, but also a wider expanse to defend.

As for the game’s humor, well… comedic tastes will vary. For my money, the fake Westeros map on the game’s site with “Up Lands,” “Middle Lands,” and “Land of Sand” at least shows the developers understand good parodies are born from genuine love for and understanding of a genre, and not–hopefully–just because Game of Thrones is SEO gold. *sets focus keyword to “Game of Thrones”*

Twitchy Thrones is free until November 5th, and then jumps to $1.99. Trailer after the jump.

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Day of the Discount: Aksys Games puts interactive fiction on sale for Halloween

"Huh, now that you mention it maybe Monica's board game nights *have* gotten a bit extreme..."

“Huh, now that you mention it maybe Monica’s board game nights *have* gotten a bit extreme…”

There’s plenty of well-established horror fodder to gorge on for Halloween in film, television, and games, and just as many pieces of advice floating around about the definitive cultural touchstones that everyone needs to see this time of year. For my money, as someone raised on the old AMC Monsterfest (given an excellent breakdown here, by Jim Vorel writing for Paste), you’re not doing the holiday justice unless you catch something that’s as obscure as it is schlocky. Less Halloween, more Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

To further that end, publisher Aksys Games Localization are putting two iOS thriller/horror titles on sale for 99 cents apiece this Weenmas time, a discount of a couple dollars for each. 999: The Novel is the iOS version of Nintendo DS title 999, and concerns the “Nonary Game,” one of those “kidnap a bunch of individuals who constitute a perfect cross-section of society and lock them in a spooky place” schemes that cults and evil corporations are so fond of. The spooky place is a ship, and the motivation comes from these fly wristwatches linked to bombs planted in every person’s stomach.

Banshee’s Last Cry, meanwhile, is a port which hearkens back all the way to 1994 and the Super Famicon, the when and where for the original “sound novel” (literally just a novel with sound effects) of the same name. It’d be fair to call this one an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery, if Agatha Christie wrote her stories down in Japanese first, then had someone else translate them. Oh, and then sold them with a phonograph and recording of her going “ooooOOOOHHHHHHooooooo.”

Both titles promise interactivity and branching story paths, though it seems that 999: The Novel has none of the puzzles from the DS version. Still, a buck or two for some undoubtedly cheesy Halloween fun is fair enough. You used to have to shell out for expanded basic cable to get Monsterfest. Scary.

999: The Novel is available on iOS for a buck, and Banshee’s Last Cry is free to download, with a one-dollar in-app purchase to unlock the full game. A few screenshots down yonder, living in an shack our heroes think is abandoned.

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Alea iacta est: Rubicon Development breaks free

Things not going well for blue

Things not going well for blue

It’s not uncommon for an established developer to put their digital catalog on sale, in fact it happens all the time. What I can’t remember happening, however, is what Rubicon Development is doing this weekend: free. You heard me right, everything they have on the App Store is completely and unequivocally free.

If you’re unfamiliar with Rubicon, you might be thinking that this isn’t a big deal. Let me tell you just how badly you’re embarrassing yourself. Rubicon is the developer of some of the best turn-based, strategy war games ever made for the iDevice: Great Little War Game, Great Big War Game, and Great Little War Game 2. Okay, so they can’t name games worth a damn, but I guarantee that if you are remotely interested in turn-based strategy, any of these will fit the bill and keep you happy for a long, long time. Getting them for free is, cliché be damned, a steal.

Much of their other content, like the excellent card battler Combat Monsters, has always been free.

The sale will only last through the weekend, so if you haven’t picked up the Rubicon apps, now your chance to do it on Rubicon’s dime.

Need to see what you’re missing? Little War Game 2 trailer after the break.

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Hit me: Hitman GO gets new levels and new price

If this were real, I would totally be one of those dads who wouldn't let their kids play with it.

If this were real, I would totally be one of those dads who wouldn’t let their kids play with it.

It’s not often that a game will make me pause with just a screenshot. Personally, graphics aren’t everything. In the case of Hitman GO, however, it’s not that it has realistic or cutting edge graphics, it’s just that the screenshots look so damn cool. Seriously, every picture of the game looks like a toy, and not just any toy, but one that you want to get in there and explore every nook and cranny. It’s the Castle Grayskull of apps.

Since its release in April, Hitman GO has already spawned one expansion, dropping you into an immaculately rendered airport, and now they’ve released another. This time it’s frosty St. Petersburg with 8 new levels based on some chapters from Hitman 2. In a cool twist, you can access the new levels via two methods: pay for the damn thing ($1) or unlock the new levels by completing mission objectives.

If that’s not enough, Square Enix has also put the game on sale for a limited time. You can grab it for iOS or Android now for only $2.

Trailer after the break.

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So runs Bartertown: This Is Not a Test patching iPad play, going freemium

Wow, an analog watch? This must be the end of the world.

Wow, an analog watch? This must be the end of the world.

Owen first mentioned doomsday gamebook This Is Not a Test just over a year ago, making special note of its zombie-free end of the world, Sorcery!-like blend of RPG elements with branching story paths, and its trailer’s, hmmm, questionable music. The thing looks–and plays, possibly–like it was pulled straight out of an old EC Comics horror title, enough that I’m close to breaking a self-imposed ban on Crypt Keeper puns.

Now, in the harsh light of the new world’s brutal economy of blood–wait, sorry, it’s just the App Store–developer Robot Monster Productions are changing This Is Not a Test’s pricing from upfront payments to free, with an in-app purchase to unlock the “premium” upgrade.

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Nomad’s land: Talisman gets cheap

No one knows who they were or what they were doing...

No one knows who they were or what they were doing…

When Owen asked us what our Game of the Month for September was, I was too busy to add my two cents. It’s a shame, too, because my pick of Talisman would have probably caused Owen permanent damage from all the eye rolling. It’s not that Owen thinks Talisman is a bad game, it’s just that it was released back in April, and talking up a 6 month old game isn’t really what Game of the Month is all about. That said, in September, Talisman received an update which made it a Universal app, and playing it on the phone has proven to be my favorite way to enjoy the chase for the Crown of Command.

If you’ve been wondering if Talisman is for you, Nomad just put it and all of its extensive IAP on sale. There’s no better time to pick it up for iOS, Android, or PC. The sale only lasts until Monday, however, so you don’t have much time to think about it.

In other Talisman news, Nomad is set to unleash the Dungeon expansion within the next 2 weeks. It will bring 5 new characters, over 100 new cards, and a whole new board to play on. We should have a more in-depth look at the Dungeon next week.

Trailer for Talisman after the break.

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