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Happy savings to all, and to all a good night

Hard drive's full.

Hard drive’s full.

We’re all well on our way to Christmas goose and figgy pudding here at Mt. Hexmap, but we wanted to leave you with a little gift before we head off to bed with visions of iPad Pros dancing in our heads. As is the custom each year, Apple shuts down the App Store over the holidays which means that no new price changes or app submittals will happen until December 30. The prices on the App Store will remain static until then, at least, and there are a ton of great bargains right now on the App Store, just in time for those iTunes gift cards that your mom keeps giving you.

So, head past the break and take a gander at what’s on sale. Sit back with your tablet, relax, and see how long you can avoid your loved ones. It’s what the holidays are all about! Have a great holiday weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday to continue the Pocket Tactics‘ awards.

Oh, one more thing, if you haven’t voted for the Readers’ Choice award, you really should. Head over there now and get on the nice list.

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Raise the main-sale: Black Friday deals are in effect

Spend Black Friday with this guy, or with us? You decide.

Spend Black Friday with this guy, or with us? You decide.

If you’ve been conscious at any point since late August, you might have heard something about Black Friday. Apparently, it’s when crazy people head out to stores at ungodly hours for the sole purpose of finding another reason to become a misanthrope.

I know, Pocket Tactics readers aren’t in that bunch. Nope, they’re doing their shopping online and relaxing with an electronic diversion and a cold drink. We’re here for you. The App Store has Black Friday just like everyone else, so we’re going to bring you all the deals we’ve uncovered.

Sit back, relax, and peruse the list of games on sale this weekend. We begin with Playdek right after the break.

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Set sale: Price drops on XCOM, Baldur’s Gate, and Chainsaw Warrior

Worth $5 just for David Warner's voice work.

Worth $5 just for David Warner’s voice work.

It’s been a long couple of days. I’ve been wrapped up in family issues and Owen is doing his best Phileas Fogg impression and is currently in a private submarine somewhere in the South Pacific. Shocked at how far behind you can get just by missing a day, I’ve consulted the Pocket Tactics handbook on how to get back on track and was met with two simple words: Price Drops.

It’s actually a big week for sales on the App Store, with both Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2 at 50% off. You can grab them both for only $5 each right now. The Baldur’s Gate series on iPad isn’t perfect, but even with their flaws they’re still probably the best pair of RPGs on the App Store, and getting them both for only $10 is about as close to stealing as you can get while still giving your credit card information to Apple.

Grab BG1 or BG2 on the  App Store, and then head past the break for a couple more deals.

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Eric the half-a-hero: Sentinels of the Multiverse gets cheap

I think the villains are just annoyed that the heroes won't stop with the stupid grin.

I think the villains are just annoyed that the heroes won’t stop with the stupid grins.

We don’t usually break out posts here just for price drops, but this is the first time that superhero cooperative card game Sentinels of the Multiverse has been this cheap. Exactly half-as-much as it was yesterday, to be exact. You can pick it up right now for only $5, which is a great deal for a game that doesn’t get as much love as it should.

Ok, so the price drop isn’t the only reason I’m posting about Sentinels. One of the knocks against Sentinels when it was released was the lack of multiplayer. Well, it’s coming folks. It’s currently in alpha, but you can see it in action on their YouTube channel. You might think I’m just trying to pad out this post to hit some required minimum word count before the break. Not so! Um…it looks like they’re also making great progress with the Infernal Relics expansion which adds…whew, hit it.

Check out the video of the guys from Handelabra showing off multiplayer and Infernal Relics after the break.

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X-cut: XCOM Enemy Within gets huge price drop

Cool. Cool cool cool.

Cool. Cool cool cool.

We don’t usually talk about price drops too often, but when the game in question is one of the best turn-based tactical games ever made we tend to pay attention. Today, 2K Games dropped the price of XCOM: Enemy Within down to only $5 from its usual $13. Getting XCOM for $13 is, frankly, a steal so getting it for $5 is pretty much like getting it for free.

If you haven’t played XCOM on your iPad before and you’re thinking, “This can’t be the same game that I have to pay $60 for on Steam,” then you’re in for a treat, because it is. Yep, the base game + the Enemy Within expansion will run you $30 a piece on Steam, but on iPad today you can get them both for $5. Now, sure, with the iPad version you can’t go back and just play vanilla XCOM, but that’s a small price to pay, wouldn’t you agree?

Other than Hearthstone, I can’t think of any game on my iPad that I’ve sunk more time into [What about me? –Pinball Arcade] and I cannot recommend it highly enough, especially if you’re using an iPad Air or Air 2. It runs like butter on those. Then again, I’ve even played it on my iPad 2 without too much difficulty.

XCOM: Enemy Within is for iOS Universal and Android, but the sale appears to only be available on the App Store. Trailer after the break.

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Exploring the discount rack: More Black Friday deals

We're all questing for the best deals, and I'm stuck in the tavern. Again.

We’re all questing for the best deals, and I’m stuck in the tavern. Again.

Hello, excuse me. Yes, if you could just stop playing BattleLore and The Witcher for a few minutes, I’d like to chat. While you were busy stuffing your gullet with sweetened yams and jellied cranberries, more deals appeared on the App Store. That’s right, the App Store never sleeps. [well, except for 10 days in December. – ed.]

Trouble with Robots arrived on the App Store Wednesday night and, like we mentioned in our earlier post, it’s free to download with IAP that unlocks additional chapters. That’s still true, except that all the IAP in this card battler is free right now. You can get the app and all the content right now for nothing.

More deals after the break.

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Giving all the thanks: Price drops abound

All that's missing is football.

All that’s missing is football.

Thanksgiving is coming tomorrow here in the US and it’s a day of reflection and giving quiet thanks for all that we have in our lives, and we celebrate by trying to buy as much new crap as possible. I’m not sure we’re getting the message. Then again, when everything is on sale, what are you going to do?

The App Store isn’t immune from the cunning wiles of Black Friday. This time of year you can snatch up some pretty amazing apps for a steal. Wargames? On sale. Board games? Yep, those too. We’ll even throw in an RPG for good measure. Check out the deals after the break.

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More like Playdeal, amirite? : Playdek offers up a Thanksgiving sale

No turkeys were harmed in the writing of this post

No turkeys were harmed in the writing of this post

For our non-US readers, this Thursday is Thanksgiving Day here in the States. That means we’ll eat way too much, watch American football, and fly low enough under the radar to avoid having to help grandma with the dishes. We’re supposedly doing this to remember to be thankful for what we have, but its real purpose is to get drunk and fall asleep on the couch with your pants unbuttoned. It’s kind of weird.

That said, it’s not all turkey gravy and sweet potatoes. We still need to load up on games for the long weekend. Here comes Playdek to help our cause with a Thanksgiving sale that’s going on right now. What’s on the menu? You can nab the Agricola IAP decks for cheap, only $1 a piece, as well as the Agricola app which is only $3 instead of $7. You can also snag everyone’s favorite creepy maid game, Tanto Cuore, for only $1 instead of $3. That’s still not all! You can pick up the Ascension expansions for only $1 each, except for the latest, Darkness Unleashed which is on sale for $2.

The sale lasts through December 1st.

After the break, Board With Life plays Agricola. Yes, it has nothing to do with Playdek, but it explains in four minutes why my game group won’t play Agricola with me any more.

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