Weekend Price Drops: Holiday Hangover Edition

You don't know J2M Jack.

You don’t know J2M Jack.

Like the oscillating fiber-optic Santas still blinking away on some suburban lawns, it appears that there’s a number of Christmas price drops that are still running a week into the new year. No doubt a lot of these will vanish on Monday morning once somebodies rouses the interns, so get in while the getting’s good.

These sales include a lot of our favourite games of last year, not the least of which is Ace Patrol Pacific Skies, our Strategy Game of the Year runner-up and one of the most replayable strategy games on iOS. Firaxis made two Ace Patrol games last year — I’d love to see them crank another couple out this year.

More than just Ace Patrol is on sale, though. Trailers and chat after the jump.

I really can’t recommend Ace Patrol Pacific Skies more highly: this is one of my desert island iOS games for sure. The game ordinarily goes for five bucks, it’s discounted to three right now.


Ace Patrol’s Firaxis stablemate (and our 2013 Game of the Year) XCOM: Enemy Unknown is on sale as well — this is a half-price deal that gets you the game for ten dollars. That’s a steal for a game that’s little different from its PC counterpart.


Square Enix is having a catalog sale, so all of their usually pricey stuff is discounted. The quality of Square Enix iOS games is more uneven than a haircut from a barber who quit drinking yesterday, so you’ll want to tread carefully with a lot of this stuff.

Final Fantasy Tactics is a pretty easy recommendation to make. The oft-imitated, never duplicated turn-based tactical RPG has overcame a lot of the technical hitches that marred its iOS debut back in 2011, though it’s still bifurcated into HD iPad and iPhone editions. They’re going for $8 and $7 respectively, a little better than half-price either way.


Speaking of Squeenix, another strong iOS port from their quiver is The World Ends With You, an action RPG set in a parallel undead Tokyo. It’s one of the most inventive games of the last decade and the iOS translation does credit to the innovative Nintendo DS original. This one is similarly split into iPhone and iPad editions, on sale for $9 and $10, respectively.


Frozen Synapse, the simultaneous-turn squad tactical game that we anointed our Multiplayer Game of the Year Runner-up is discounted to the cheapest price I’ve ever seen it at: it’s just a dollar right now. This game has a legendarily steep learning curve as a multiplayer game but don’t shy away if you’re the offline-only sort: there’s a robust single-player campaign included.


The game that trumped Frozen Synapse for our Multiplayer Game of the Year award is on discount, too: the beautiful operational WWII wargame Drive on Moscow is discounted to seven dollars. Devs Shenandoah Studio don’t do sales all that often so expect this one to go back up to the full price of ten and stay there for a while.


Match-3 RPG hybrid Pixel Defenders Puzzle got a strong review from our own Phil last fall, who called it “a satisfying mental exercise”. Keep in mind that Phil also says that about double-coupon day down at the Shoprite. It’s on discount for a dollar, down from two.


Finally, the just-released 3D open-world RPG The Shadow Sun has relented from its $10 price point and is down to $7.99. In his review, Clancy found the long-in-the-making fantasy adventure to be compelling, if a bit on the short side.