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Call for writers: Join the Strategy Gamer writers’ dungeon

Service guarantees citizenship.

Service guarantees citizenship.

Pocket Tactics must grow to absorb The Wargamer and to release Strategy Gamer upon an unsuspecting world — which means that we need more writers here in our dank writers’ dungeon at PT HQ high atop Mount Hexmap.

If you want to join Dave and Kelsey and the gang, now’s the time — the first call for writers we’ve put out since 2012. We’re looking for reviewers to do 2 to 3 (paid!) reviews per month. We’re also looking for another news writer, somebody who can write funny, insightful news posts most weekdays — also a paid gig.

Details below.

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Where we’re going next: Strategy Gamer

A defeat device for boredom.

A defeat device for boredom.

It’s been just over two years since we rolled out Pocket Tactics 2.0, and almost four years since this place first started. That’s about three-and-a-half years longer than I ever expected to be doing this. I started Pocket Tactics on a whim, and when it grew into the site it is today I felt like a guy who’d found Nessie on the end of his fishing line. This used to be a blog I wrote for fun, and now it’s a site with a global audience of hundreds of thousands of people and a half-dozen contributors.

What made PT so popular? Was it our commitment to gag captions and pun headlines? Or our shockingly cavalier attitude to games categorization? My highly unethical and unsustainable approach to beard grooming? I’m still not entirely sure — so obviously the most prudent thing to do is to try and do it again.

In a few weeks, you’ll see a brand new Pocket Tactics 3.0 with a refreshed site layout and some neat new futures — including new forums. The expanded Pocket Tactics crew will also fully take the reins over at The Wargamer, which is also getting overhauled from top to bottom. And most importantly, we’re going to be launching Strategy Gamer, a site devoted to covering our brand of games on every platform — from mobile to PC, from console to tabletop, and everything in between. It’s going to be everything you (hopefully?) love about Pocket Tactics, but now free to get down with every games platform.

I’m going to share more details about what we’re planning on in Sunday Almanacs over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for reading Pocket Tactics, and I hope you’ll come with us for the next part of the ride. One thing we’re going to need is a few more writers to join the crew, but I’ll put that in another post.

A very Pocket Tactics Christmas

The tinsel doubles as anti-radar chaff.

The tinsel doubles as anti-radar chaff.

Well, my friends, that’s another year in the can. 2014 was a great year for PT: 1.2 million folks came to read our burblings and they viewed about 8 million pages whilst doing so — that’s about twice as much traffic as we had in 2013. People came from 226 countries, including one reader each from Niger, Monserrat, Sao Tome, Tonga, and North Korea. To that last guy: keep your head down, chum.

Now that we’ve doled out all of the Best of 2014 Awards and I’ve sent the rest of the writing staff down the Mount Hexmap funicular, it’s time for me to hit the lights and call it a year. But feel free to keep coming back — we’ve got a bunch of content set to spring up every weekday from today until the 5th of January, when things go back to normal. Or as normal as it ever is around here.

A very happy Hanukkah, Christmas, Festivus, Saturnalia, Shabe Yalda, and Dongzhi Festival to us all. See you next year.

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Sunday Almanac: The Second Annual Reader Survey needs you

Bring along Chairman Owen's Little Red Book

“Forward to Mount Hexmap and the glorious ultimate victory of premium games, Comrades!”

I believe it was Churchill who said that advertising is the worst way of supporting a website, except for all the others that have been attempted. Well for the moment, at least, advertising provides most of the revenue that pays Pocket Tactics‘ bills and pays for the services of our exceptional staff (Neumann, Clancy, Kelsey, FNG Jacob) and our unexceptional staff (Owen).

So that we can brag to our advertisers about how attractive and intelligent our readership is, we do one annual survey to get to know you better. Last month there were about 150,000 different people that came to PT around a million times, so we’d love to hear a little bit about who you are and what you think.

I promise in every legally binding way that we won’t use this information for anything nefarious or sell it or anything like that. We just want to be able to tell our advertisers that you’re 60% Americans and 14% left-handed and 21% Whigs and that sort of thing.

I’ve got a bunch of promo codes for good iOS games to give away as a thank-you for taking the time to do the survey. Leave us your email address and the end of the survey (totally optional) and I’ll give them away in a random drawing at the end of this week.

So here’s the survey — thanks very much for your time.

And thanks again for reading Pocket Tactics. The site gets bigger every single month and it’s hugely gratifying that folks like you enjoy our terrible headline puns and whatnot.

Sunday links after the jump.

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Pocket Tactics

No need to RSVP.

No need to RSVP.

It was two years ago this week that I started a blog called Pocket Tactics. Just a blog like any other. An excuse to get me to practice writing every day, more than anything else. I figured I would write about the iOS and Android games that existing sites weren’t writing about; hobby games that you sat down to play for an hour and really get stuck into. Doodle Jump was great but could you really squeeze a thousand words out about it?

I clearly wasn’t the only person who wanted to see a site like that, because PT has taken off in a way that I never predicted. Last month PT was viewed almost a million times by six figures of unique visitors, and besides my stuff there’s regular contributions from Neumann, Kelsey, Clancy, and Dave Lane. We’ve even spun off Phil to do his own thing over at RDBK. I’m still surprised that you people enjoy our awful pun headlines. Or at least tolerate them.

If you’re reading this, you’re the reason that PT is still going. I’m sure I would have moved on to something else if this place hadn’t found an audience so quickly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. There’s big plans for Pocket Tactics, and I hope you’ll stick around to see them come to fruition.

To celebrate our second birthday, I invited developers like X-Com creator Julian Gollop, Ascension designers Justin Gary and Brian Kibler, and Canabalt developer Adam Saltsman to come by and tell us what their favorite iOS or Android game is. We’ll have their posts mixed in with our usual fare all week long. Wait until you see who all’s coming — there’s some big surprises.

Thanks again for reading Pocket Tactics.

Owen’s under the weather

For I am a Rain Dog, too.

For I am a Rain Dog, too.

Ladies, gents, replicants: I’m a bit poorly and I’m taking a day off.

To tide you over until I return in rude health tomorrow, why not flip through this year’s or last year’s reviews index? Or peruse the 2013 PT awards? You also might have missed some of our features from January, like our reveal of Noel Llopis & Ron Carmel’s forthcoming slow-play game Subterfuge, my interview with the makers of the forthcoming Spymaster, or maybe our Most-Anticipated Games of 2014.

Anyway, stay out of trouble. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Do not adjust your television: Forums and comments are down

Hard at work at the Pocket Tactics Aircraft Assembly Facility and DNS Propagation Center high atop Mount Hexmap.

Hard at work at the Pocket Tactics Aircraft Assembly Facility and DNS Propagation Center high atop Mount Hexmap.

Hey folks — due to a DNS hiccup that occurred at an inconvenient moment Tuesday evening, post comments and the Pocket Tactics Forums are down. With any luck we should be back in business Wednesday morning Eastern time, but DNS problems have a way sticking around so please bear with us.

UPDATE: Wednesday, 11:30 am EST, and we appear to be back in business. The forums are back up at Please report any other weirdness right here or send me an email.

Totems updates with multiplayer chat — and we’ve got copies to give away

Penitent man.

Only in the leap from the lion’s head will he prove his worth.

There’s a new update to one of our favourite games from this year, the territory control iOS board game Totems: there’s now multiplayer chat in the game. No longer will you have to infer how much your opponent hates you after you pull that completely sick reversal to end the match, as your opponent can now tell you directly.

To celebrate this, Totems developers Timecode has utterly inundated us with promo codes for the game. Having learned long ago that I can’t (or at least, shouldn’t) eat these codes, I’ve decided to give them to you lot.

As usual, my benevolence comes with a price. This time, my toll is science-fiction novels. I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction lately and it would be good to unplug my brain with some pulp space opera, so recommend me a good sci-fi read in the comments. You have until Monday morning at 9am Eastern, where upon I will choose ten (!) winners — one which I deem to be the funniest or most insightful contribution, and nine others selected at random by the Pocket Tactics Magic 8-Ball.

Good luck. Have a read of Clancy’s review of Totems from back in March — it was the first game of 2013 we awarded a five-out-of-five to, and we’ve only given out six of those scores all year.

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