Sunday Almanac, 8 September 2013

Train a'coming.

Earl Campbell reminds you that decorative gourd season is also football season.

I’m back in my motherland of New York for a little while, and there’s a delightful nip in the air that can only mean one thing: it’s decorative gourd season. (That link is a little NSFW if you work in a place that wouldn’t hire Samuel L. Jackson or George Carlin.)

I love fall for a lot of reasons, but one of them is that it used to herald the arrival of the big AAA console & PC games, showing up at the end of a dead sprint to make it to store shelves before Christmas. Gaming on iOS doesn’t seem to be quite as cyclical (perhaps because the shelf-life of a mobile game is perceived to be a matter of weeks) but we’ve still got some notable games to look forward to: of our six most anticipated iOS games of 2013, only one —Agricola— is actually for sale on the App Store right now, though two (Shadowrun and Space Hulk) have debuted on PC. I probably wouldn’t hold my breath for Ascendancy 2 this year, but that still leaves Panzer Corps and Chaos Reborn, both of which are pretty fair bets to materialize before the year is out — as is Shenandoah’s Drive on Moscow.

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  • I’m not convinced that I need a smart watch, though the beauty of Steve Jobs-era Apple was creating things I didn’t realize I wanted. Samsung’s smart watch definitely has not had that effect on me.