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Recreate the magic : Magic 2015 getting new pricing scheme

Not to mention, awe.

Not to mention, awe.

Magic 2015 launched earlier this year for iPad and Android and was hailed as pretty much just like last year’s version. Pretty much. One thing that changed was the ability to finally build open decks as well as a new pricing scheme that turned out wasn’t very user friendly. Turns out that not only did you need to pay to unlock the full game, but then you couldn’t get all the cards without shelling out more money. Turns out some of the best cards were locked in premium booster packs that could only be gotten through IAP.

On November 5th that should change. Wizards of the Coast is pushing through a new update to the game that will make it possible to get every card in the game without having to spend extra money on those boosters. I doubt they’ll be easy to get, but if you want to save your $2 a crack, grinding might be a better option. What if you’ve already dropped a ton of cash into the game to get those fancy cards? Wizards will make it up to you, somehow.

That’s not all. Also releasing on November 5th is an expansion called Garruk’s Revenge which add a new campaign as well as a new set of cards.

Trailer after the break.

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Better than a jazz odyssey? : Outcast Odyssey is new, different CCG

I don't know who or what a Bovak is, but it's getting its ass kicked

I don’t know who or what a Bovak is, but it’s getting its ass kicked

Yes, I still play Hearthstone. No, I don’t expect to start playing another CCG on my iPad anytime soon. That said, Outcast Odyssey from Bandai Namco was just released and it looks to offer something a little different than your average CCG. It looks like a role-playing game.

On the outside, it looks like your standard digital CCG: free to play with IAP to buy more cards, but when you watch the video it looks bonkers. You explore dungeons and other maps and conflict is handled with card play. Not like Naxxramas where you’re facing creatures with their own decks, this looks like you’re actually attacking the monsters with your cards. Or something. I don’t know what I’m looking at. My eyes!

It’s not just the gameplay that looks different, though. There’s a lengthy single-player campaign as well as competitive online multiplayer, but there is also the ability to form guilds and trade cards with your friends which is nice considering that there are over 600 cards in this initial set.

Outcast Odyssey is available for both iOS Universal and Android. Trailer after the break.

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Do I have to catch em all? : Pokémon Online TCG soft launches [UPDATED]

I need to ask my 9 year-old what the hell is going on here.

I need to ask my 9 year-old what the hell is going on here.

Of all the things in my head I wish I could extract and never remember it would be Pokémon junk. Of course, I have 3 boys at home all under the age of 12 [It's all legal. We checked. - ed.] so Pokémon is simply a way of life, and isn’t going away any time soon. That said, I’ve never actually played the game, so while I can tell a Bouffalant from a Bulbasaur, that’s about as into the game as I’ve ever been. I’ve even been told by some “adult” sources that Pokémon isn’t actually that bad of a game, and it appears to have an adult following based on all the bearded men I see playing it at my FLGS.

Last week, Pokémon for iPad soft launched in Canada which means its world-wide release is imminent. The game is already available for PC and Mac, so chances are the soft launch period will be short. Toucharcade is reporting that any progress made during the soft launch will carry over when the app launches world-wide, as well.

Not familiar with Pokémon? It’s a basic CCG in the Magic mold, where you summon creatures (the Pokémon)  that battle each other, trying to capture each other’s prize cards. Or something. I’ve watched my kids play and, I swear, the rules change every time they play based on who’s winning or losing. I don’t want to crush Pokémon too badly here. I’ve never played and I’ve been told the game itself is pretty good. Hell, it’s the only CCG that Magic can’t seem to kill, so there must be something there. Plus, it’s cute.

Watch Nintendo’s announcement video after the jump.

Update (30 Sept): The Pokemon TCG is now out worldwide — Retina iPads only, says the House that Miyamoto Built.

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The re-name game: Card Hunter for tablets becomes Loot & Legends

Death isn't even excited that he won. He's just chilling. Levitating some dice.

Death isn’t even excited that he won. He’s just chilling. Levitating some dice.

PC and Mac gamers have been hunting cards in Blue Manchu’s tongue-in-cheek online CCG Card Hunter for about a year now, and the game has earned universal rave reviews. Despite being browser-based like those toolbars your mom keeps installing on her computer by accident, Card Hunter is a legit tactical tabletop RPG experience. RPS‘s Adam Smith called it “as good a turn-based skirmish game as I can remember any studio releasing in a good while”.

But what about us mobile types? Card Hunter’s been on our radars for a long time now, with an expected release on iOS this year with Android to follow. Mobile developers DropForge Games recently announced that the game was changing its name to Loot & Legends. Why ditch a perfectly good name that your fans already know?

I recently bugged developer Joe McDonagh about this question and others and he sent us these never-before-seen screenshots along with his answers, which I’ll show you after the jump.

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Dealer’s choice: LackeyCCG for iPad will let you play any CCG you’d like

Deal me in

Deal me in

Are you frustrated that Fantasy Flight didn’t announce Android: Netrunner for iPad at this year’s GenCon? Sad that you can’t play Lord of the Rings Card Game digitally? Well, dry those tears, because LackeyCCG was released for iPad last week and, with a little work, you can play virtually any CCG on your iPad.

LackeyCCG has been around on PC, Mac, and Linux for some time now, and if you scour their forums you’ll find people playing all the FFG living card games, Legend of the Five Rings, Magic: The Gathering and everything in between. It’s not just a card database, either. LackeyCCG offers online head-to-head play as well as a solitaire mode to test out decks or build/test your own CCG. I’m guessing solitaire mode would work great for games like Pathfinder Adventure Card Game or the LOTR living card game as well.

What’s the catch? Find out after the break.

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This week’s Calculords STARDOG update adds STARDOG, a dog from the stars

Dog day afternoon.

Dog day afternoon.

Seanbaby and his team stopped working on comedy math-‘em-up Calculords entirely earlier this year, moving on to a new project. But a special UN delegation (led by Pope Francis, the ghost of Mister Rogers, and a kitten) persuaded them for the good of all mankind to return to Calculords and make one of the year’s best games even better.

Some time in the next few days, the Android port of Calculords will grace the Google Play shop (the third coup for that platform in as many weeks) and it will arrive with new content — which will also be arriving on iOS as a free update very shortly, pending Apple’s acquiescence.

“The update has a new boss between FANCYBOT and CPL KRAK,” Seanbaby told me today. “The main criticism of the game was that the difficulty ramps up too hard and fast, so players intimidated by ASYLUM ZOM can now stop off at PLANET STARDOG and battle STARDOG. He’s a dog from the stars, and he drops 18 new cards.”

If you somehow managed to avoid getting swept up in PT‘s Calculords-mania earlier this year, this is a game where you use addition, subtraction, and multiplication to defeat your fellow Star Nerds and earn the privilege of avenging the destruction of Earth. If that doesn’t sell you on Calculords, then art is dead.

Two more screenshots from the Calculords STARDOG update after the jump.

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You’re in the army now: Naxxramas opens the Military Quarter

Uncle Heigan Wants You!

Uncle Heigan Wants You!

It’s no secret that I am in love with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. If Hearthstone was human, we’d own a cozy little bungalow together and be raising 3 unruly children. I’m trying to wean myself off the drug, but the weekly releases of new Naxxramas material isn’t helping. I’m the Michael Corleone of the Warcraft world, getting pulled back in every time I think I’m out [that movie didn't exist -ed.].

This week we get the Military Quarter with three new bosses and 6 new cards to unlock. Are you as  excited as I am? Of course you are. Boss discussions after the break.

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Licensed to ill: Plague Quarter opens in Hearthstone

The starting position for Heroic Loatheb. Unless you've got some healing, you'll be dead in 10 rounds from his hero power alone.

The starting position for Heroic Loatheb. Unless you’ve got some healing, you’ll be dead in 10 rounds from his hero power alone.

Today is going to be a crappy day and it’s Blizzard’s fault. We were told that each new quarter of the Curse of Naxxramas expansion for Hearthstone would arrive over the next four Tuesdays. What they failed to mention is that “Tuesday” means 11:59pm Pacific Time. That means that addicts, like me, were forced to stay up until 2am to unlock the next wing of the expansion. Blizzard, you magnificent bastards.

For sane Hearthstone fans, you were greeted this morning with the option to enter the Plague Quarter. If you’re unfamiliar with Warcraft lore, the Plague was a magical disease that turned the humans of Lordaeron into the undead Scourge (and was also responsible for the Sylvanas led Forsaken, but that’s another tale). Thus, in the Plague Quarter, you can expect a lot of undeath and disease, and the bosses do not disappoint.

Noth the Plaguebringer is the first boss and a powerful necromancer. He is the first character with a passive hero power, and it simply raises any of his opponent’s dead minions as 1/1 skeletons on his side. The second boss is the guy who’s been in all the promotional images for Naxxramas, Heigan the Unclean. His power is a 1 mana burst that does 2 damage to your left-most minion. Lastly, we have Loatheb, an undead-fungal-monster-thingee. For 2 mana he can hit your hero for 3 damage, and on top of that he starts with 75 hit points.

The Plague Quarter is available for 700 gold or $7, or cheaper if you purchase it as part of a bundle. Otherwise, Hearthstone is free to download on the App Store.

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