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Take me to the river: Simogo promises a new game this year

Drop me in the water.

Drop me in the water.

It was less than a week ago that I was bemoaning the absence of new Simogo games. Their last offering–2014’s too-cute-for-its-own-good Sailor’s Dream–left me slightly exhausted rather than entertained, but that hasn’t dampened my appetite for more Simogo, who have earned a great deal of our confidence with the Scandinavian gothic adventure Year Walk and the charmingly self-aware puzzler Device 6. When we heard about the off-brand Simogo-like The Guides, I was ready to tuck right in. When you can’t get the good stuff, sometimes you’ll just take whatever’s to hand, as anyone who’s ever done bath salts or watched SyFy Channel before 8pm can attest.

But my wish seems to have come true: just days after my post Simogo popped up on Twitter with the news that we’ll see a new game this year, now that their Wii U port of Year Walk is complete.

Given Simogo’s usual affinity for iOS and the flagging fortunes of the Wii U, I think it’s a safe bet that they’re talking about a mobile game.

So let that be a lesson to you: Owen makes it rain, people. What should I wish for next? My shortlist right now is a new Outkast record and a Rocket League management sim. After the jump, get creeped out by the Year Walk trailer again, for old times’ sake.

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Pocket Tactics’ Games of the Month: August 2015

Pardon our dust.

Pardon our dust.

It has been a very long while indeed since we had Pocket Tactics Games of the Month. Picking favourite games from arbitrary calendar periods is always a bit contentious but when Neumann briefly converted to TimeCubism over the summer we couldn’t even agree on the definition of “month”, much less decide what the good games from one were.

Anyway. Things have calmed down enough that we can resume regular service on Games of the Month. Let’s see what the PT writers’ dungeon thinks of the games from the last lunar cycle (or so).

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The Huntmaster’s Handbook: Rob Lemon’s Galactic Keep strategy guide

For cryin' out loud, people STOP DYING

For cryin’ out loud, people STOP DYING

The wonderfully original Galactic Keep is more than just a pretty, multi-mandibled face — it’s also an RPG whose combat requires a little more nous than might be apparent at first. In the interest of preserving the temporal integrity of this timeline, I asked Galactic Keep creator Rob Lemon to write us some tips on keeping your Coalition agents alive. There’s a heck of a lot going on under the hood of this game, and Rob lays a lot of it bare for us. –O.F.

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Old soldiers never die: Free update to Battle of the Bulge adds x-platform and more next month

Rise from your grave.

Rise from your grave.

When Philadelphia’s finest studio Shenandoah was consumed last year by Slitherine, the Galactus of wargaming, grognards started to worry — as grognards do. There hasn’t been much in the way of news forthcoming since the acquisition, which some took as evidence that the makers of Battle of the Bulge and Drive on Moscow would vanish down the memory hole.

That is apparently not so. Shenandoah rises anew, according to news sent my way last night — and its first order of business is to re-release its first (and most brilliant) game: Battle of the Bulge. A new edition of the WWII sim will be released on the 17th of September, bringing the game to PC and Mac for the first time and adding a bevy of new features.

The biggest change will be cross-platform multiplayer across iPad, iPhone, and desktop platforms. Battle of the Bulge was always at its best as a head-to-head multiplayer game, and increasing the size of the user pool will be just the defibrillator it needs. The new multiplayer setup will include in-app tournament support.

Additionally, revenant Shenandoah say that they’ve re-written the game’s AIs — both Axis and Allied. I seem to recall that Bulge’s AI was relatively sharp back in 2012, so I’m curious to see what that means.

Most importantly (and I just verified this with Slitherine’s PR a few minutes ago), Battle of the Bulge won’t be a new app on iOS. If you already own it, you get all the new features (and the benefits of a re-invigorated multiplayer community) gratis.

The new Bulge drops on iOS and desktops on the 17th of September.

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A Song for Galactic Keep

"Schematic" means "utterly devoid of artistic merit". In case that wasn't clear.

My maps for D&D were rather more… schematic.

I always preferred folders in school. Three-ring binders seemed needlessly baroque, loud, and treacherous (I must have been pinched by one once, and have ever after been prejudiced against the entire race, like my grandfather who would never buy a Japanese car after being wounded on Guadalcanal). But there was one product I was ashamed to find utterly alluring: the Trapper Keeper.

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Remove jazz, insert spiders: Lara Croft GO is next week’s followup to our fave puzzler of 2014


Spider been working out

Square Enix aren’t dumb, so when we (among many others) raved ourselves silly over Hitman GO last year they immediately set out to give us more of what we liked. But seeing that they’re sitting on a gold mine of classic video game IPs, they understandably decided to mix things up a bit.

Lara Croft GO is going to be out next week on the 27th of August for iOS, Android, and even the pitiable Windows Phone. It takes Hitman GO‘s extraordinary low-poly executive desk toy aesthetic and repackages it into a Lost World-y setting fit for the Tomb Raider herself. I will miss Hitman GO’s effortlessly cool jazz soundtrack but I’m absolutely ready for more of the clever puzzle-solving that it pioneered. Squeenix appear to have a new franchise on their hands.

After the jump, watch the trailer for Lara Croft GO and see if you can detect the moment that Toho Co. Ltd asked their lawyers if roars were copyrightable.

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Loki break: Nordic adventure The Frostrune is late, but still coming

I'll never let go, Jens

I’ll never let go, Jens

One of my favourite trailers of 2014 was just thirty seconds of sinister whispers and near-subliminal flashes of ancient Nordic runes — a sort of short horror film for Scandinavian ASMR types.

The game being promoted in that video, The Frostrune, didn’t actually come out as intended last year. Norwegian developers Grimnir are working on the project part-time, which opened the door for Hofstadter’s Law to do its thing. But there’s promising signs coming from the north: Grimnir sent around a batch of new screenshots and an animated gif showing progress on their atmospheric supernatural adventure game set in Viking-age Norway.

Grimnir are being a bit more circumspect about release dates now. Their communique from this week pointedly avoids promising a 2015 release, but I’ll be ready for The Frostrune whenever it decides to turn up. You can keep tabs on Grimnir on Twitter.

After the jump, a brand-new in-game GIF and that trailer from last year — it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

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