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The dreamers of dreams: Dream Quest gets major content update

Don't ever change

Don’t ever change

If we were to carve faces on the side of Mt. Hexmap, Rushmore-style, I’m pretty sure Peter Whalen’s mug would be carved just under Owen’s office window. Sure, his claim to fame is only one game, but what a game it is. Dream Quest took us all by surprise last year, winning our RPG of the Year award and consuming more of my time than all three of my kids put together. It’s a classic bit of mobile gaming and Mr. Whalen has been rewarded for his excellence with a job that will take him all the way to Azeroth. We’re guessing it won’t be in the art department.

Before his goblin airship set sail, however, he managed to slip out one last update for his hand-drawn roguelike. Dream Quest was updated to version 1.10 earlier this week, and it’s a doozy. Despite no one knowing who they were or what they were doing, the Druids have come to Dream Quest as a new playable class. That’s not all, though. There are new monsters, new talents and other cards as well as a new image for the treasure chest which we’re assured has nothing to do with that new monster we mentioned earlier.

Dream Quest is available for iOS Universal for $3 and it’s worth every penny. After the break watch Brad from 164 and I mess around with Dream Quest in a very polished video from last year (so polished that we really shouldn’t say anything bad about the art, but oh well). The Dream Quest stuff begins around the 19 minute mark.

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Out where? : Out There Omega Edition arrives on the App Store

If you look closely, you can see Hayden Christensen laying on the side of that volcano.

If you look closely, you can see Hayden Christensen laying on the side of that volcano.

When Out There hit the App Store last year, it was already one of the year’s best games. Developer Mi-Clos Studio figured they could do better, and thus was born the Omega Edition of Out There which arrived for iOS and Android earlier this week.

Arriving as a free update for current owners, the Omega Edition adds more of what we already loved about the original: over 50 new interactive stories, new endings, new aliens, and new spaceships. The most striking addition to Out There, however, is the graphic overhaul. The original Out There wasn’t a terrible looking game–simple, perhaps–but the Omega Edition looks downright dreamy.

There’s more, such as better localizations and more music from Siddhartha Barnhoorn, but all you really need to know is that the game is bigger and better and it didn’t cost you a thing.

Now, if you haven’t tried Out There yet, you can snag it for iOS Universal or Android for only $5. Check out the Omega Edition trailer after the break.

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Jewel of my eye(Pad): Splendor gets a trailer/release date

Is it real, or is it digital?

Is it real, or is it digital? [Image by W. Eric Martin and Space Cowboys]

When details about Splendor leaked in the last couple weeks, enthusiasm for the game waned slightly as it became aware that online multiplayer was not a part of the game. Today, Brad at 164 posted the first trailer for Splendor showing some of the gameplay, and I fully expect enthusiasm levels to rise. Seriously, the gameplay of Splendor looks absolutely fantastic. We get to see the game in motion as well as the new play modes which, even if they don’t play well, sure look nice.

That’s not all, though. Brad also managed to snag a release date from Asmodee which is akin to learning the daily nuclear launch codes. Splendor will be gracing iOS Universal and Android devices on July 9th, so we’re just over a week away.

Even if you’re disappointed with the lack of multiplayer, take a look at the trailer after the break. It might just change your mind.

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Eat ham and jam and spam a lot: New Dungelot game coming in 2015

Contrary to appearances, this is not a kindergarten Halloween party.

Contrary to appearances, Dungelot is not a game about kindergarten Halloween parties.

The original Dungelot was quite the surprise hit when it landed on iOS back in 2013. It was a barebones and simple roguelike that combined Minesweeper with an old fashioned dungeon crawl. Dungelot 2 wasn’t quite as successful mainly due to its rather miserable free-to-play system. It was eventually pulled from the App Store only to reappear with the freemium system completely overhauled.

It sounds like the developer has learned their lesson from the Dungelot 2 fiasco, and the third entry in the series, Dungelot: Shattered Lands, will leave the F2P model behind. Other than that, we know that Shattered Lands is expected for iOS in 2015 and it continues the Minesweeper/dungeon crawl tradition set forth by its predecessors. I’ve yet to try either of the earlier installments, so I’m looking forward to getting this one on my iPad.

Reveal trailer after the break.

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Crossing the border: Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3 due this week

Nintendo Power Glove saves the day

Nintendo Power Glove saves the day

Telltale Games currently has two series that I really want to play, but I’m holding off until they release all the episodes. I think it’s a side effect of binge watching TV shows on Netflix, I just want to see the entire story from start to finish without having long gaps along the way. The first series is based on HBO’s Game of Thrones, but the one that’s really intriguing to me is Tales from the Borderlands.

Unlike most other Telltale adventure games which take themselves really, really (really) seriously, Tales actually seems to have a sense of humor and lightness and looks like it would be fun to hang out in the world for a bit. The third episode, titled Catch a Ride, is coming to iOS and Android on Thursday. As is Telltale’s custom, a new installment means a new trailer, which you can check out after the break. As usual, these things tend to be spoilery, so watch it at your own risk.

Tales from the Borderlands is available for iOS Universal or Android and will run you $5. Additional episodes will cost an additional $5 as IAP.

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Cover your butt: Lego Minifigures Online Coming to iOS/Android

Turns out the hairy one was a dude.

Turns out the hairy one was a dude.

In my house–they’re not allowed access to Mt. Hexmap–I live with three small boys who excel at eating all my food and playing the drums just as I sit down to write. Every now and then they’ll empty the dishwasher, so it’s not all bad. Having three boys also means that my house is full of Legos. I cannot walk from my desk to the bathroom without stepping on a piece which, somehow, always seems to be lying with one of the pointy corners pointing directly upwards. Even on hardwood floors. Don’t ask, I stopped a long time ago.

Enter, Lego Minifigures Online. A video game that has you collecting little Lego people and taking them on adventures or something. What that entails, I honestly have no idea. It sounds a bit like Skylanders or Diablo but all blocky and plasticy. What’s truly intriguing is that the game was originally scheduled to be free-to-play, which would have ensured the press release a short life span before it met my trash bin, but has been moved to a premium game that you buy up front and can just play. Kind of. The PC version will be a full release for $30 but the iOS and Android versions will run $5 but only include the first world. You can buy extra worlds in the iOS version starting on June 29, whereas the Android version will get more worlds later this summer.

So, how much content do you get for your initial $5? No idea, but I’ll be sure to tell you how long it takes for my kids to start squawking about buying new content.

After the break, check out the reveal trailer. Now I just need to hide it from the kids.

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Where’s the Big Hug Mug?: Mystery game, Her Story, coming this week

That cup is full of Lone Star.

That cup is full of Lone Star.

Get a load of this tagline, A Video Game About a Woman Talking to the Police. While it may sound like a promo for season 2 of True Detective, it’s actually far more interesting. This is the tagline for an upcoming iOS title, Her Story, which puts you in front of a database containing all the known information about a 20 year-old crime. Within that database are videos of a woman giving several interviews to the police, hence the tagline.

Her Story features actual full-motion video, circa 1994, which is appropriate considering that these interviews and the crime itself are set in the early 90’s. Sure the FMV stuff is gimmicky, but if it’s being used to generate new interactive fiction, I’m not going to complain. The game features a mothballed computer containing the police database which contains hundreds of video clips that cover seven different interviews. The goal is to listen to her words, search for those items in the police database which will unravel or tie up loose ends, and try to solve the mystery.

We probably won’t get any lines about flat circles or her confessing while wearing a mic in the bathroom, but this still looks damn compelling. Best of all, it comes out for iOS Universal this week.

Check out the trailer after the break.

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Between the lines: New puzzler, Lines the Game, hits iOS

Red is the American Pharaoh of Lines.

Red is the American Pharaoh of Lines.

I thought we had gone a week without missing any good Wednesday night releases, then Lines popped up in my inbox this morning. Lines the Game, as its formally known, is another puzzle game with a minimalist aesthetic that’s all the rage these days. Yeah, that made me roll my eyes a bit, too, but Lines has a few things going for it. First of all, it’s a premium game with a $3 price tag, over 200 levels, and no IAP. Also, I’ve been playing it a bit this morning, and it’s actually a good bit of fun.

The point of Lines is to create the longest line of a single color, but there are other colors streaking through the rather complex line drawings and blocking your path like Tron light cycles. Your color is indicated by the color of the level’s border and you place points on the drawing where your color will begin, and then its a race to fill up the entire picture. To “solve” the puzzle, you just need to be the one taking up the most real estate. It’s incredibly simple at the beginning, but turns into a real brain burner as you move forward. What makes it more interesting is, when you fail, the board resets but the other colors begin in different locations. So, you cannot just replay a puzzle repeatedly and change your starting spot, you need to analyze where everybody else is each time a new puzzle begins.

Lines is available for iOS Universal for $3. Check out the trailer after the break.

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