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Tanks for nothing: World of Tanks Blitz update coming today

That's me, up against the train.

That’s me, up against the train.

I’ll be the first to admit that World of Tanks Blitz isn’t my favorite game. I’ll also admit that the reasoning behind that stems from nothing other than I suck at it, and no matter how much I play, continue to really suck at it. That said, I know there are those of you out there who do not suck at this game. I’ve seen it first hand.

Sometime today, World of Tanks Blitz is getting a major update that fixes and changes a ton of current content, as well as adding an entire new line of German medium tanks starting with the Panzer III and culminating in the Leopard I. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in the patch notes about me sucking less, so I’ll be steering clear.

You can pick up World of Tanks Blitz for iOS Universal or Android and both of them are free to download. After the break, check out an overview of the Leopard I.

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To boldly go: Pixel Starships another try at mobile starship management

Not exactly LCARS, is it.

Not exactly LCARS, is it.

If we were keeping score of how starship simulations are going on mobile, I’d have to say that the home team is taking one on the chin. Sure, FTL is a fantastic game, but that’s not really a simulation. I’m talking about other notable failures like Star Command and Trexels, which put you in charge of modifying a starship, then drop the ball with hackneyed, boring play. We’re still holding out hope for Tiny Trek, which is currently in early access on Steam and should be coming to iOS sometime this year. Into that crucible steps a newcomer, SavySoda, with Pixel Starships.

Because the title contains the word “pixel” they’re legally obligated to have 8-bit graphics. Don’t let that scare you off, however, because looking at the trailer, I hardly noticed. Instead, I’m intrigued by the cutaway side-view of the starship with turbolifts and transporters at the ready. It appears that not only will there be ship-to-ship combat, but sending away teams over to other ships will also be an option. The game is going to be an MMO, so dealing with other humans will be the name of the game.

The trailer looks far more martial than I like my Trek, but hopefully we’re only seeing a small portion of what SavySoda has in store. The expected release isn’t until late 2015/early 2016, so they have some time to polish it up.

Check out the aforementioned trailer after the break.

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Pack of wolves: Warhammer 40K Space Wolf gets multiplayer update

My money's on the yellow team.

My money’s on the yellow team.

Of all the Warhammer games currently on tablets, Space Wolf is the only one I can think of that had the opportunity to be free-to-play garbage. From the comments here on Pocket Tactics, however, it turns out that maybe the IAP wasn’t quite so terrible after all. While not perfect, it seems like the biggest thing missing from the original release was multiplayer. Well, starting today, that’s no longer a concern as a new multiplayer update has hit.

Multiplayer is arena style with 3-on-3 battles with seasonal leaderboards. The combat is all turn-based, so the only thing holding this back would be the IAP getting in the way of having a good time. Download it for free and see if the paywall got any higher with the new update.

Multiplayer trailer after the break.

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Revealed — Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion bursts from the chests of Rodeo Games this summer for iOS

Are you feeling lucky, xeno-punk?

Are you feeling lucky, xeno-punk?

If you need a secret kept, you can absolutely trust Rodeo Games with it. Over a year ago we learned that the next game from the makers of Warhammer Quest would be another Games Workshop property, but aside from that we knew nothing at all. I prodded. I pleaded. Rodeo would divulge nothing. Pocket Tactics spies skulked off into the night to uncover what they could.

“It’s a game about 40K Inquisitors,” reported one. Other reports corroborated this. “It’s about Inquisitors, but it’s based on Cooking Mama,” said another. Eventually, I began to suspect that our spies had been turned. “It’s not a game — it’s an app that turns Siri into an Ork.”

Finally last week, after months of fruitless hypotheses and unworkable theories, Rodeo’s Ben Murch reached out to reveal what the Guildfordians had been working on. “Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion is set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe, and focuses on the Deathwatch,” Murch tells us. “Our game is set in the Astolat Sector which is under threat of being consumed by Tyranids from Hive Fleet Leviathan. The Deathwatch are tasked with undertaking high risk missions to turn the tide of war and defeat the invaders.”

No Inquisitors. No Cooking Mama. But lots and lots of Space Marines and their most famous foes. “It’s a turn-based strategy game,” says Murch, “with the emphasis on strategy.” Now we’re talking.

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Field promotion: You can sign up for the World of Tanks Generals closed beta

Matilda deck OP.

Matilda deck OP.

Around here, we write about free-to-play games about as often as Uri Geller gets invited to antique silverware conventions — but our position shifted ever so slightly last year. Hearthstone and World of Tanks Blitz showed us that–while 99% of free-to-play games are still hot, smelly garbage–it is possible to have an F2P game experience that isn’t skeevy and condescending to the player.

World of Tanks makers are bringing another of their unusually beguiling F2P games to mobile: World of Tanks Generals is rather a more abstract combat simulation than Blitz — it’s a head-to-head multiplayer card game. Like Hearthstone, it’s a collectible game where you unlock new cards customize your deck with. Wargaming say that there’s 200 cards in the game at the moment, with more coming. There’s three different factions (the US, USSR, and Germany, following the WWII and early post-war setting of WoT) and you can probably count on the British, French, and Japanese eventually showing up, too.

Generals just started a closed for desktop web browsers that you can sign up for here. The game will be available for iOS and Android “in the future”. Trailer (with dramatic voiceover!) below.

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Screenshots from Gambit, the first expansion for Star Realms, coming to iOS & Android later this week

Less than 12 parsecs?

Less than 12 parsecs?

The thing I get the most emails about is beard-grooming advice, followed closely by mewling requests to stop holding the world for ransom from my sinister lair high atop Mount Hexmap. But number 3 is definitely PT readers wondering what the heck is up with Star Realms.

The sci-fi flavoured deck-building card game got a good write-up from us last year and it did even better over at Board Game Geek, where it pulled down a fistful of Golden Geek Awards. It’s a nifty little card game that had some UI wonkiness in its iOS and Android incarnations, and it had a strong tang of “pre-expansion” gameplay — there were a lot of obvious open sockets waiting to be hooked up to more elaborate gameplay mechanics.

The Gambit expansion for the Star Realms base set came out on cardboard back in 2013, and it’ll hit desktops and mobile versions of Star Realms this Thursday, White Wizard Games told me this morning. Gambit cards are randomly dealt to the players at the beginning of the game and allow the player that holds them to bend certain rules, encouraging players to pursue different gameplay styles. It’s a neat idea and the expansion is generally well-reviewed on tabletop. Perhaps even better: there’s two new chapters included in the much-admired single-player campaign. Gambit will be available as a single in-app purchase for $4.

Besides the new cards, there’s been some welcome tweaks and additional functionality to the Star Realms app, and everybody will get these improvements when the game updates this week, whether or not you buy the new card set. There’s a new update feed which will help you stay on top of your asynchronous games (a big pain in the engines in 1.0), an option for faster card animations, online leaderboards, and new tips and hints to smooth out the learning curve for new players.

Lots more images from the expansion after the jump.

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New Release Appendix: Arnhem Airborne Assault and Blastball MAX

There's an option to play with counters or 3D busts of Gene Hackman.

If you want pretty, play Drive on Moscow.

Two new releases that are flaunting the usual Wednesday night release convention and just popped up on the app stores this morning. It’s anarchy, I tell you! Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria.

The first is Arnhem: Airborne Assault, a scrappy little wargame from Richard Berger. It’s not going to win any beauty contests unless all of the other contestants are members of AC/DC but it seems like a pretty good little hex-and-counter wargame. It’s a WWII affair that puts you in charge of the Allied paratroopers making the ill-fated airborne assault on Holland in 1944. The combat model is big on fog-of-war, so considerations like moving your troops through forests and maintaining contact with the enemy are a big deal. There’s a couple of genuinely tough scenarios in there, but I haven’t spent enough time with the game to decide if it’s Clever Tough™ or Throw Your iPad in the Canal Tough™.  You can find out for yourself for two bucks: it’s available for iPad and for Android, too. This one’s got online multiplayer for up to four players, too.

A gameplay video of this, plus another new release below.

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Outwitness the fitness: Outwitters 2.0 brings Android, cross-platform play next month

Teenage dream.

Teenage dream.

One of the great App Store injustices of the last couple of years is that Outwitters didn’t become a Star Wars-sized global phenomenon. Children should be walking around with plush dolls of the weird cycloptic elephant. Libertarian subreddits should be extolling the BitWit virtual currency. At least the game’s bipedal sharks made it big.

But even if this fantastic turn-based arena combat game didn’t get quite the success it deserved, there’s a big enough base of core Outwitters diehards that developers One Man Left are still putting time into it, almost three years post-launch.

How many Outwitters heads are we talking about? “We average around 12k-15k monthly active users,” One Man Left‘s Alex Okafor told me yesterday. “Not a huge playerbase, but quite the dedicated one for a somewhat niche game.”

It’s for those folks–and hopefully some new fans, too–that OML are rolling out Outwitters 2.0 in March.

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