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New Release Appendix: Sons of Anarchy, Heroes of Might & Magic III, and Pike & Shot

Do not attempt.

Do not attempt.

I meant to get this up yesterday but I’ve been finishing my taxes instead. Being an adult is the worst. In the Star Trek timeline, aren’t we supposed to be living in a post-scarcity utopia by now? Is this all Gary Seven‘s fault?

The diurnal releases that didn’t pop at midnight on Wednesday and arrived yesterday instead are pretty good: the remastered Heroes of Might & Magic III, Pike & Shot, and that Sons of Anarchy game whose trailer we goofed on a couple of weeks ago. Let’s discuss.

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Roll Britannia: Today’s World of Tanks Blitz update adds British heavies, new map

The inimitable Matilda.

The inimitable Matilda.

World of Tanks Blitz has been a lot of fun since it arrived last summer, but it’s lacked one thing — just one. Something that no game can be truly great without. Most of you by know have guessed the obvious: I’m talking about British tanks.

Yes, ever since Super Mario first stomped on the turret of a Koopa Krusader tank and the Space Marine from DOOM BFG’d a CacoComet, WWII British tanks have been an essential part of any great video game. And finally, with the arrival of the British heavy tank line, WoT Blitz is complete. No further updates are required.

Version 1.6 of our 2014 Action Game of the Year adds nine new tanks that complement the British light/medium line rolled out back in December. These new wagons include my favorite tank from the PC version of the game: the Matilda. The Matilda is slow, but she’s got nigh-impenetrable armor and the top gun is low on firepower but has an unmatched rate of fire. Basically, the Matilda is World of Tanks’ model for a successful life: let attacks bounce right off you and keep firing away — with sufficient persistence you’ll succeed.

Screenshots of every new tank, plus the new map “Castilla” after the jump. If you’re just getting into the game today, you might find my World of Tanks Blitz noob guide to be useful reading.

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Might as well jump: Arnhem Airborne Assault coming to iPad and Android

Going Dutch.

Going Dutch.

Developer Richard Berger got in touch to tell us about Arnhem: Airborne Assault, an Operation Market Garden wargame that’s coming to iPad and Android tablets next month. Readers with eidetic memories will recall him as the maker of abstract strategy puzzler Critical Mass from 2013.

Arnhem: Airborne Assault has apparently let its subscription to GQ lapse and is taking fashion advice from back-issues of The Grenadier — but underneath the utilitarian look is a decidedly full-featured operational wargame. There’s four scenarios, over 100 different units of 7 types (from HQ units to arty), fully modeled fog-of-war and logistics, and nitty-gritty tactical mechanics like entrenchment and unit morale.

There will be AI for single-player (only German AI for now — the Allied AI is still in development) and both online and pass-and-play multiplayer on the same device. AAA is in beta right now — watch a trailer for it after the jump.

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Recon Report: Our 7 Most Anticipated iOS & Android Games of 2015

Ice cold war.

Ice cold war.

Now that 2015 has started to resolve in the viewfinder of the Prognosti-Scope at the Pocket Tactics Haruspex School and Off-Track Betting Emporium high atop Mount Hexmap, we can finally reveal our most keenly-awaited games of 2015. And let me tell you — this is one hot list.

Our 2014 list didn’t do so well — of our 8 picks, only 2 managed to come out on mobile, with a third out on PC and waiting in the wings for iPad. This year will be entirely different — we’ve taken on a highly reputable mystic as a contractor and he’s vetted all of the following choices, which are guaranteed to ship this year. Yessir.

After the jump, the seven games that we here at PT are looking forward to the most in 2015.

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Capital idea: Hipster CEO 2 brings multiplayer to market next month

Still doesn't screenshot very well, does it?

Still doesn’t screenshot very well, does it?

Developer Ger Kelly has been in touch to tell us about Hipster CEO 2, a sequel to his 2013 iOS business sim that he’s planning to release in February.

The original Hipster CEO had a cute idea at its core: it looked like a business productivity app and it basically was one — albeit for your fictional business. For me, its downfall was that it was too committed to the notion. You didn’t get very much feedback about why or how you were succeeding or failing, and the near-complete absence of graphics made Hipster CEO so bland that it was normcore before that was even a thing.

Kelly tells me that he’s taken a lot of that criticism on board: the new Hipster CEO 2 does indeed feature more art (“Getting back to my 8-bit roots!”) with a style heavily inspired by Nimblebit. There’s also “simplified and easier-to-understand gameplay”. But the biggest change is downright (forgive me) disruptive.

Hipster CEO 2 will sport online multiplayer, letting you invest in other people’s startups or attempt to sabotage them by poaching their staff or planting negative news stories in the press. Hipster CEO always ran in the background while you weren’t playing it, but now it will feel more like a slow-play multiplayer game akin to Subterfuge or Neptune’s Pride.

Watch for Hipster CEO 2 to hit iOS next month — in the meantime, there’s two more screenshots below.

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Out Tonight: Sol Invictus, Frozen Synapse gets small, Wizard Golf and more

Starting tonight, size doesn't matter in Frozen Synapse.

Starting tonight, size doesn’t matter in Frozen Synapse.

Usually the Out Tonight post focuses on the glut of new apps that hit the App Store at midnight on Wednesday. Tonight, however, we’re going to mix it up and start with an old app that should be getting a new version tonight or tomorrow. Frozen Synapse is a fantastic multiplayer game of simultaneous turns and high tension. Players input their moves at the same time, and then the turns play out in real time based on what each player selected. It’s different and a lot of fun and, until this new version hits, only available for iPad and Android devices. Tonight it will arrive for iPhone as well.

The iPhone version will be a separate app, and not a Universal update. That said, if you want the iPad version, you can pick up Frozen Synapse right now on iOS here and Android here.

We’re still getting some new apps tonight as well, so keep reading to see what else you’ll find.

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Smoke on Kickstarter: Musket Smoke sequel crowdfunding

I usually wait until the new models are out and then pick up last year's model for a steal.

I usually wait until the new models are out and then pick up last year’s model for a steal.

The original Musket Smoke for iPad was mainly a multiplayer affair. There was an AI present, sure, but its main positive attribute was how good it looked as a corpse on the battlefield. Considering that Musket Smoke was always considered to be multiplayer focused, the lack of single player goodness can be forgiven. Hell, nobody complains that the AI in Hearthstone is terrible, do they?

Developer Woodie Dovich is heading back to the drawing board for Musket Smoke 2, which is currently on Kickstarter. This time, single player will be the focus with a full single player campaign built around the English Civil War. That’s not to say that multiplayer will take a hit in MS2. It should still be the same campaign-oriented multiplayer that worked so well in the original, it just won’t be the only reason to get MS2 when it releases.

Musket Smoke 2 will not be a free download like Musket Smoke currently is. Instead, there will be an up front cost that will contain both the single and multiplayer campaigns. The Kickstarter campaign is offering backers exclusive maps and more, but to get all the exclusive maps you’ll have to shell out $100 CAD. There are smaller entry points as well, but some of these numbers jumped out at me considering that we’re talking about an app. Head on over to the Kickstarter and check out all the tiers and rewards for yourself.

For those of you wanting to check out Musket Smoke, it’s a free download and was just updated to include Universal support.

Kickstarter video for Musket Smoke 2 after the break.

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App menagerie: The weirdest iOS and Android games of 2014

It's so peaceful here this time of night. Until the fish rain begins.

It’s so peaceful here this time of night. Until the fish rain begins.

Yes, yes — your list of gaming accomplishments in 2014 was very mighty indeed. You circumnavigated a fractious steampunk world in eighty days. You single-handedly recovered the Golden Fleece of Yendor from the clutches of demon wizards and goblin archers. You conquered the Earth, then saved it, then avenged it.

But did take the form of an omnipotent mountain floating in outer space? Did you become a hacker exposing false flag operations in a Russian puppet state? Or become a global superpower by selectively breeding an army of cats?

No? Then buckle up, compadre — let me show you the very weirdest stuff of the year.

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