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Between the lines: New puzzler, Lines the Game, hits iOS

Red is the American Pharaoh of Lines.

Red is the American Pharaoh of Lines.

I thought we had gone a week without missing any good Wednesday night releases, then Lines popped up in my inbox this morning. Lines the Game, as its formally known, is another puzzle game with a minimalist aesthetic that’s all the rage these days. Yeah, that made me roll my eyes a bit, too, but Lines has a few things going for it. First of all, it’s a premium game with a $3 price tag, over 200 levels, and no IAP. Also, I’ve been playing it a bit this morning, and it’s actually a good bit of fun.

The point of Lines is to create the longest line of a single color, but there are other colors streaking through the rather complex line drawings and blocking your path like Tron light cycles. Your color is indicated by the color of the level’s border and you place points on the drawing where your color will begin, and then its a race to fill up the entire picture. To “solve” the puzzle, you just need to be the one taking up the most real estate. It’s incredibly simple at the beginning, but turns into a real brain burner as you move forward. What makes it more interesting is, when you fail, the board resets but the other colors begin in different locations. So, you cannot just replay a puzzle repeatedly and change your starting spot, you need to analyze where everybody else is each time a new puzzle begins.

Lines is available for iOS Universal for $3. Check out the trailer after the break.

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Out Tonight: Infection, Door Kickers, Spirit of War, Threes Free, and more



Owen here, covering for Dave while he attends an evil sidekick symposium. Did you know that henchmen are more than twenty times more likely to be injured on the job than sinister masterminds? Well, not at Pocket Tactics — safety is the most important thing in our volcano lair high atop Mount Hexmap. Well, aside from the volcano. There’s a few unavoidable risks associated with that. Some.

Anyway. Tonight is an excellent release night, you know? Maybe the best of 2015 so far. I’ve played almost everything in tonight’s crop, and I’m pretty enthusiastic about, oh, 75% of the games going. Let me tell you all about it after the jump.

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Resource management: Human Resource Machine mixes puzzles and coding

This doesn't look like my old Fortran class.

This doesn’t look like my old Fortran class.

While not normally associated with having a great time, working in a bureaucracy can still make a rather interesting setting for a video game. Papers, Please immediately comes to mind as the crown jewel of the genre. While that title dealt with subjects darker than a Spinal Tap album cover, Human Resource Machine takes a lighter approach. Actually, the paper pushing aspects of the game turn out to be a rather elaborate skin hiding a functional computer. Human Resource Machine turns out to be a puzzle game in which writing code is the solution to every problem.

The “office” in Human Resource Management is a basic computer. It has inputs, outputs and slots to hold items, or memory. You will program your workers–using a simplified coding language–to manipulate these items to solve problems that the boss throws at you.

If that doesn’t sound cool enough, realize that the developers of the game are the same guys behind the phenomenal World of Goo, so they know what they’re doing. Unfortunately, the game is only scheduled for release on PC/Mac at this point, but they are keeping their options open for other platforms. Here’s hoping for a tablet version down the road.

Check out the trailer after the break. Looks too good not to give it a go, doesn’t it?

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Auro in the knee: Auro looks to expand on Kickstarter

In Auro, squid smacks you.

In Auro, squid smacks you.

We love Auro. You love Auro. As far as I know, everyone loves Auro. Why wouldn’t we? It’s another fantastic puzzly romp from famed developer Keith Burgun and Dinofarm Games. I get the feeling that Keith doesn’t think it’s the perfect game, however, because today he started a Kickstarter project to raise cash for an Auro expansion.

The biggest promise offered in the expansion is a Quest Mode, which will push Auro towards a fully-fledged RPG where you explore, loot, and do all the other stuff kids are doing in RPGs these days. There will also, of course, be new monsters and spells as well as new versions of all the existing content as well. Basically, what they’re promising is an entirely new game with Auro at its core.

The Kickstarter just opened, and Keith is looking to collect $32,000 over the next month. Head on over and check out all the details and goodies and see if an Auro expansion is something you want. (Hint: it is.)

Kickstarter trailer after the break.

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Off the crawl: Card Crawl getting major update June 11th

Same as the old boss

Same as the old boss

If Game of the Year were decided on June 1st this year, there’s no doubt that Card Crawl would be one of the finalists. It might be the perfect iPhone game, offering decent strategy, tactics, and luck in quick bursts. It’s fairly incredible that this solitaire puzzle game which consists of a small deck of 50+ cards has the legs it does, and yet I’m still not bored with it. Chances are I won’t get bored with it for a long time, because Tinytouchtales just announced that Card Crawl is getting a major update next week.

The update is bringing a load of new content to Card Crawl, starting with 3 new unlock able avatars: the archer, the assassin, and the woodlouse-lord, whatever that might be. These new characters will be unlocked via quests that you can obtain from a new Quest screen on the main menu. Other quests will unlock new dealers as well–Undead and Alchemist–so we can give the minotaur a rest every now and then.

There will be 10 new special ability cards to obtain, and many of the original cards are having their powers updated. There will also be two new modes of play: streak mode which opens once all the ability cards are gained and rewards you for consecutive wins, and daily dungeon mode in which players will be given a fixed deck and try to get the high scores on the online leaderboards.

On top of all that, some of the card art is being updated, and a new save mode is being introduced to prevent games from being lost when the app is closed. They are also incorporating a statistics screen to give you more info on your wins and losses.

The update for Card Crawl is coming on June 11th, and on the same day the game is going on sale for $1 until the 14th. Currently the game is $2 for iOS Universal, but will be jumping up to $3 after the sale ends. Teaser for the update after the break.

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I’m on a boat: You Must Build a Boat gets explained

Same as it ever was

Same as it ever was

Earlier this week we posted about the upcoming sequel to Pocket Tactics‘ darling, 10000000. It’s titled, You Must Build a Boat and the gameplay trailer looked surprisingly similar to what we’re used to seeing from 10000000. Sure, there was the whole boat thing, but the dungeon runs looked like old news.

Quicker than you can spell disappointment, developer Luca Redwood was on the horn and ready to show us exactly how things have changed since our last dungeon foray. He calls the system Fancy Dungeons, and it revolves around giving the player choices to play the kind of game they would like to play.

I’m doing a terrible job explaining it–shocking, I know–so let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth: video from Luca after the break. In it, he details just how much You Must Build a Boat strays from the 10000000 paradigm. I don’t know much, but I’m pretty sure your excitement level for YMBAB is about to shoot up.

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10000001: You Must Build a Boat coming in June

Everybody look at me, 'cause I'm sailing on a boat.

Everybody look at me, ’cause I’m sailing on a boat.

Luca Redwood made quite the splash back in 2012 with an unassuming match-3 game called 10000000. It blended the puzzle aspects of a match-3 game with a dungeon crawler, complete with leveling up and unlocking more powerful dungeons as you advanced. Everyone around here thought it was the bee’s knees. We’ve known about a possible sequel to 10000000 for quite a while now, but only today did Luca confirm that the sequel, You Must Build a Boat, will be hitting iOS and Android on June 4 and will run somewhere between 3-5 bucks.

Judging from the trailer alone, it looks to have some of the same gameplay elements: match-3 on the bottom and a dungeon run happening at the top. In an unforeseen turn of events, it also–SPOILERS–involves building a boat. You start with a small boat and a small monster crew, with the intention of building that boat up and recruiting more sailors. Crew comes from monsters that want to fight alongside you as well as people who will offer up their services. Oh, and grab your fedora because there are artifacts to uncover as well.

Take a look at the trailer after the break. It will make you want to buy the game based on the music alone.

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Cut the green wire: Wire Defuser comes to iOS/Android

The red, shiny button.

The red, shiny button.

There’s something about the high-tension and life or death stakes that has made the defusing of explosives somewhat of a trope. Pretty much every cop or spy movie has had that scene. You know, “which wire do we cut” while an LED display ticks down the seconds until KABOOM, although disaster is narrowly avoided with only a second or two remaining on the clock. It’s a great setup and would seem to be a perfect setup for a video game, which is where Wire Defuser comes in.

Wire Defuser has you defusing bombs (not wires, what’s with that title?) by flipping switches, pushing buttons, and spinning wheels. In other words, it’s completely realistic. All you need to do is follow the directions on the screen and you’ll move onto the next level. It’s somewhat of a dexterity game, and when I first saw it I thought it somewhat resembled the fantastic SpaceTeam. After playing it a bit, I can confirm that it’s nothing like SpaceTeam and I’m an idiot for thinking so.

The entire crux of the game is to hold buttons for a specified time while also flipping switches and basically hating yourself for being a klutz. If your play sessions are anything like mine, you’ll end up with fingers in an unworkable pretzel while still not having enough digits to flip a switch. It’s frustrating, but in a way that makes you want to finish a level and get those damned three stars.

The game is free to download for iOS Universal and Android, and the only IAP involves purchasing “kits” that let you disable buttons or switches during a level, or skipping a level completely. I haven’t found a level yet that I couldn’t complete without using these kits, although there are over 80 levels as you progress so maybe later they become mandatory. Apart from the optional IAP, there are occasional ads that pop up, but nothing to invidious.

Check out the trailer after the break.

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