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Trailblazing: Obsidian announces Pathfinder Adventure Card Game for tablets

You can go your own way.

You can go your own way. [Image by BoardGameMonster]

Now we’re not at Gamescom this week but Pocket Tactics has spies everywhere. You’re almost out of milk, by the way.

Obsidian Entertainment, the RPG development veterans responsible for Fallout New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity, have just in the past hour announced that they’re working with tabletop publishers Paizo to make a tablet version of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, the 2013 hobby gaming smash hit that earned a quiverful of GOTY nominations at Board Game Geek. Our very own Neumann is a big aficionado of the game — to the extent of using third-party apps to scan his physical cards so he can play on his iPad.

Pathfinder is a co-operative card game for up to four players and is suitable for solo play — and it sounds like Obsidian’s tablet edition will be similar. You roll your own fantasy characters like wizards and warriors then collaborate to defeat enemies who fight using their own decks of cards. Characters can be persistent between games, letting you play whole campaigns with your avatar.

There’s no release date for Obsidian’s tablet version of Pathfinder announced yet, but there’s apparently a playable build at Gamescom. If you can snap an image or two of that (Obsidian employees may need to be chloroformed) and send them along, we’d be much obliged to you.

After the jump, Tom Vasel’s video review of the tabletop version of Pathfinder.

UPDATE: PT stalwart Pitta finds some (very tiny) screenshots available on the Pathfinder Digital holding page that’s just gone up.

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Not Necessarily The Mobile Games News: Space Hulk Ascension, Battle Academy 2, and Below

Beam me down.

Beam me down.

Yesterday was positively turgid with game announcements that many readers (quite rightly) blew up my inbox about. All three of these games — Space Hulk Ascension, Battle Academy 2, and Below — would be entirely welcome on tablets and mobile devices, and in some cases it would be downright surprising if they weren’t coming to touchscreens.

After the break, (mostly) definitive answers about if and when to expect this trifecta on your iPad.

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Out Tonight: The Coding Monkeys’ Rules, Heroes of the Revolution, and more

Phone's ringing, Dude.

Phone’s ringing, Dude.

If I was in charge, a new Coding Monkeys release night would be an international holiday. Truces would be declared. Fireworks scheduled. Bunting hung from windows and ticker tape parades held through major cities. In the countryside, fresh butter would be churned and new gingham dresses and shirts turned out for the Coding Monkeys fairs, where Carcassonne is played and apes are taught HTML.

But I’m not in charge. Yet. So for the time being, we celebrate new Coding Monkeys releases with the Out Tonight post. It’s a start.

All of tonight’s notable iOS releases (along with trailers and chat) after the jump.

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Out There’s away team: A Galactic Keep Dice Battles hands-on preview

It bleeds. You can kill it.

It bleeds. You can kill it.

Something moves in the darkness at the end of this tunnel. It is too far away to see what, exactly. But you know that it is not Balkyn Gray, because Balkyn Gray’s corpse is what you have been sent here to retrieve.

More likely it’s the thing that killed him, a tonelit fox. The poison rounds from Balkyn’s reouge rifle will have weakened the monster, but it sure won’t be any friendlier, and the knife-sharp bone crests protruding from its arms won’t be any softer.

Check your inventory. Your bio-stun rod, good for getting the drop on organics. An ancient but still-effective sabre you found in a nest of feral war shadows. Some local plants with observed medicinal properties — less than useful for you, a robot, but some of your comrades may find them valuable later. Balkyn’s Huntmaster Handbook, the constant companion of every pakall hunter. The Coalition-issued temporal relay that you’ll affix to Balkyn’s body if and when you find it, which will pull him out of this reality and reassemble him… somewhere else.

There’s a passage off to the right, one that looks like it was shored up for use by sentients. Maybe there’s something in there you could scrounge to help you fight the tonelit. Of course, if there’s no other way out of that passage and the tonelit decides to wander over this way, you’ll be trapped in there with it. And maybe someone else will have to come down here to slap a relay onto your unmoving shell.

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Big damn heroes: Original cast joins Firefly Online

She sure was a good ship

She sure was a good ship

I’ll admit, until this last weekend I hadn’t been paying much attention to the goings-on of a certain strategic-RPG called Firefly Online which is currently in development for iOS and Android devices. First, I assumed it was an MMO which I’m just about done with and, second, as cool as the Verse may be, it’s not really all that intriguing without Captain Mal and the crew of Serenity. Let’s be honest, the reason people still care about Firefly has almost everything to do with those characters and watching those characters do their thing.

Apparently, the developers agreed as they just announced that the original cast will be reprising their roles for Firefly Online. We’re not just talking one or two of them, it’s the entire cast returning. We’re even getting voice over work from Michael Fairman who is bringing Niska back. Yes, you’ll be able to work for Niska.

New trailer showing some in-game footage, and a rather popular captain, after the break.

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The road rises to meet your feet in Phantom Rift, the next game from Foursaken Media

More like Fabulous Rift.

More like Fabulous Rift.

America’s most prolific all-sibling game development studio have revealed their latest offering. The video after the jump shows off gameplay from Phantom Rift, the next title from Block Fortress makers Foursaken Media. You play as a wizard exploring a mysterious and perilous world by himself, which definitely violates the terms of your travel insurance. That’s living on the edge.

Phantom Rift looks to be the most promising Foursaken game yet, to my eye: there’s a big emphasis on exploration, it seems, and the combat appears to be turn-based. The brothers advertise that there will be 300 different collectible spells to employ. You can customise your wizard, as well, and the sooner I unlock the leopard-print Anubis head you can see at 0:18, the happier I’ll be.

Phantom Rift is due out for iOS and Android in Q3 of this year. I can’t quite grok how the combat system works from the video, but I’m definitely intrigued. Watch the trailer and speculate below.

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Still alone: Lone Wolf’s third chapter arrives 7 August

Just the worst indigestion. You have no idea.

Just the worst indigestion. You have no idea.

Act 3 of Bulkypix’s action RPG/gamebook hybrid Lone Wolf will be popping up for iOS and Android on 7 August, the French publishers tell us. There’s few details about Lone Wolf: The Shianti Halls (I think we had a company Christmas party there a few years back) other than a cryptic allusion to “a dreadful new enemy”, who is presumably the red-eyed chap in the screenshot above. Either that, or Lone Wolf finally has a friend, and need not be so alone anymore. Probably not the latter.

Last year was a banner year for gamebooks. Both Lone Wolf and Inkle’s Sorcery! series put the “interactive” into interactive fiction like never before — Lone Wolf by adding in fantasy RPG action and Sorcery by adding deeper decisions and dynamic dialogue. We preferred the latter, but they were both very good in their own ways. You can read Neumann’s review of Lone Wolf Chapter 1 right here.

There’s no video yet for Chapter 3, so after the jump I’ve got the trailer for Chapter 2, which came out back in back in April.

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Weekend Price Drops: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Discounts Edition [UPDATED]

King George was mightily displeased when he learned of Jeff Goldblum's treachery.

King George was mightily displeased when he learned of Jeff Goldblum’s treachery.

Two-hundred and thirty-eight years ago yesterday, George Washington and Jeff Goldblum piloted a captured Montgolfier balloon onto the British mothership and uploaded a computer virus which disabled the King’s legions of freedom-hating Sentinel robots, providing an opening for General Lynyrd Skynyrd to lead the Continental Army to a decisive victory over the royalist forces led by Rowan Atkinson.

It is in honour of that historic act of black hat sneaker-net hacking that we celebrate the 4th of July by downloading discounted iPhone games. After the jump, let the celebrations begin.

[UPDATE, Sunday the 6th: King of Dragon Pass is on sale, too. If you're into games and you haven't played King of Dragon Pass, that's like calling yourself a movie buff having never seen a Kurosawa film. You need to play KoDP, and it only goes on sale once or twice a year, so carpe diem. It's usually ten dollars, but it's discounted to eight until Sunday night.]

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