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Name that rune: Super Glyph Quest is coming in early October

Funny, I've been called a tiny bore.

Funny, I’ve been called a tiny bore.

We had some good fun earlier this year with Glyph Quest, the fantasy/puzzle RPG from husband-and-wife team Leanne Bayley and Alex Trowers. One fact you might recall about Glyph Quest was that it was made while Leanne was very, very pregnant — probably not easiest state from which to concentrate on game development.

In a couple of weeks, Bayley and former Bullfrog man Trowers will be launching semi-sequel Super Glyph Quest, which is “pretty much all the things we wanted to get into Glyph Quest but just didn’t have the time to with the baby on the way,” Leanne says. (Said baby is absolutely beautiful and can be seen here, by the way.)

Super Glyph Quest will have new glyphs in the puzzle matrix and new spells to cast (over 70), more monsters, quests, crafting… more everything, basically. It’s going to be a nice premium three-dollar game with no IAPs.

I’ll let you know when it arrives on iOS, and you can try the original Glyph Quest for free to see if it casts any particular spell on you. The Super Glyph Quest trailer is below.

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Out Tonight: Phantom Rift, Dragon Quest I, Kapsula, and some other stuff I guess

I.. don't know where you heard that, Comrade.

I.. don’t know where you heard that, Comrade.

I’m interested in exactly three games tonight. There’s Phantom Rift, the latest offering from Block Fortress makers Foursaken Media, the most productive all-sibling development team this side of the Trese Brothers. There’s Squeenix’s iOS port of Dragon Quest I (aka Dragon Warrior), the three-decade-old NES game that is essentially the ur-JRPG. And there’s Kapsula, which is the sort of game we’d not usually cover on PT but I have two very good reasons for making the exception.

Those reasons (along with trailers and chat) after the jump.

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Digital & Dragons: DungeonScape becomes digital face of D&D

In a world...

In a world…

One of the biggest releases at GenCon this year was the latest edition of pen & paper stalwart, Dungeons & Dragons. I love D&D and dutifully picked up my Player’s Handbook like a good soldier, but quickly realized that no one at Pocket Tactics wants to hear about that one time that guy did that one thing in that one campaign, not to mention the daring adventures of Bibble Hardbottom, 11th-level halfling cleric and all-around great guy.

So, how to get one of my favorite non-digital hobbies onto a site about digital strategy games? Enter Trapdoor Technologies and DungeonScape, the official digital tools for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. This isn’t just a tool for players to track their character, but a full toolset that contains the obligatory character creation tools as well as planning and preparation tools for the Dungeon Master. I spoke with a rep from Trapdoor at GenCon and was told that their DM officiates the game while walking around the room with his iPad. No more sitting behind a cardboard wall.

Pricing’s not entirely clear yet, but it seems like everyone who wants to access the app on their device will need to shell out for at least the basic rules from the Player’s Handbook, but that other books–and DM material–will be easier to share between DMs and players. Also, while not confirmed, it sounds like books will be available within the app as they are released and purchasing the physical book will unlock the digital version via a code of some sort.

We were told at GenCon that they were submitting the tools to Apple “within a few weeks”. Considering that GenCon was nearly a month ago now, I’m hoping we’ll see these hit the App Store soon. What about Android? An Android as well as an online, browser version are also coming and should be released shortly after the iOS version hits.

More screens after the break.

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The Crowdfunder: Hard West, Star Traders 2, and more

I'm your Great Old Huckleberry.

I’m your Great Old Huckleberry.

PT reader Mark Sable wrote in to point us in the general direction of Hard West, a currently-Kickstarting tactical game set in what the developers call “the Weird West”. I think they mean Portland.

Hard West reaches right into my brain and fervently prods the desire module: turn-based XCOM-style combat, exploration in the strategy layer, a world where George Washington Carver might play hold ‘em with Cthulhu. Here’s the rub: there’s no plans on their Kickstarter page for a mobile version, just PC. But that’s where Mark comes back in — he’s talked to Polish devs CreativeForge, and they’ve told him that Hard West for tablets is entirely possible. Hmmmm.

Watch the pitch video for Hard West and three other intriguing crowdfunding campaigns after the jump.

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Ten towns to go: Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition announced

The Icewind Dale Business Improvement Board really prefers you use the name "Refreshing Breeze Dale".

The Icewind Dale Business Improvement Board really prefers you use the name “Refreshing Breeze Dale”.

Here’s the first big announcement to be trumpeted at PAX: Icewind Dale is getting the same makeover and tablet port that fellow D&D RPG Baldur’s Gate got back in 2012.

Besides running on modern PCs and mobile devices, Canadian devs Beamdog say that the isometric RPG includes both expansions to the original and will have new content including new character classes and loot, plus cross-platform co-op multiplayer. Another first is that, unlike the two previous Baldur’s Gate remasters, Icewind Dale is coming to phones as well as tablets.

The original PC game from 2000 is the favourite RPG of many D&D heads that I know, and the remake of Baldur’s Gate got top marks from our man Phil, with Clancy being similarly enthusiastic about BG II. I wonder how well this is going to work on phones, given that the UI was a bit of an owlbear to wrangle on a larger device, but hey — more D&D on your mobile.

There’s video after the jump, y’all, and there’s more details at

Hat-tip to PT‘s Master of Whispers Pitta.

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The ninetieth degree: New StarCrawlers gameplay trailer

The Aristocrats.

The Aristocrats.

Lovers of right-angle-only turn-based dungeon crawlers are holding their collective breath for the eventual release of Legend of Grimrock on iPad. But if you prefer your RPGs with nuclear missiles and not magic ones, StarCrawlers (which we talked about here and on RDBK earlier this year) is getting closer to release on PC, after which there’s hopefully a tablet version in the works.

San Diego-based devs Juggernaut Games are going into PC early access in November, and back in February they told me that the game had been built on iPad originally, and they hoped to return it to the platform whence it came after the desktop version is done.

Besides the sci-fi theme, a major point of difference for this dungeon crawler is its reliance on procedural generation: the dungeons are different every time you play, and a “Narrative AI” creates missions for your party based on previous decisions you’ve made and which factions you’re in good with aboard the derelict colony ship Stella Marin. My favourite thing about a sci-fi dungeon crawler? No spiders. The spiders in Grimrock freak me out, man.

A gameplay video is below (dig that Mass Effect-flavoured soundtrack), and you can track Juggernaut on Twitter.

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All the right angles: Legend of Grimrock coming to iOS

It's gotta be better than Coldfire Keep.

It’s gotta be better than Coldfire Keep.

Finnish developers Almost Human sent around news today that PC hit Legend of Grimrock is coming to iOS. Grimrock kicked off the renaissance of first-person party-based dungeon crawlers (FPPBDCs?) a couple of years back, and it got universal praise from critics, including at RPS. Milennials might not believe this but there was a time in RPGs when you could only turn in 90-degree increments — and we liked it that way! Nothing interesting has ever happened at a 45-degree angle to where you’re looking, trust me.

There’s no release date for this venture yet, but the screenshot above suggests that it’s more than just a fanciful wish at this point. We’ll dispatch a raven to Finland to see if Almost Human want to talk more about it.

After the jump, the trailer for the PC version of Grimrock, which will be at least broadly similar to the iOS version.

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Trailblazing: Obsidian announces Pathfinder Adventure Card Game for tablets

You can go your own way.

You can go your own way. [Image by BoardGameMonster]

Now we’re not at Gamescom this week but Pocket Tactics has spies everywhere. You’re almost out of milk, by the way.

Obsidian Entertainment, the RPG development veterans responsible for Fallout New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity, have just in the past hour announced that they’re working with tabletop publishers Paizo to make a tablet version of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, the 2013 hobby gaming smash hit that earned a quiverful of GOTY nominations at Board Game Geek. Our very own Neumann is a big aficionado of the game — to the extent of using third-party apps to scan his physical cards so he can play on his iPad.

Pathfinder is a co-operative card game for up to four players and is suitable for solo play — and it sounds like Obsidian’s tablet edition will be similar. You roll your own fantasy characters like wizards and warriors then collaborate to defeat enemies who fight using their own decks of cards. Characters can be persistent between games, letting you play whole campaigns with your avatar.

There’s no release date for Obsidian’s tablet version of Pathfinder announced yet, but there’s apparently a playable build at Gamescom. If you can snap an image or two of that (Obsidian employees may need to be chloroformed) and send them along, we’d be much obliged to you.

After the jump, Tom Vasel’s video review of the tabletop version of Pathfinder.

UPDATE: PT stalwart Pitta finds some (very tiny) screenshots available on the Pathfinder Digital holding page that’s just gone up.

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