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Cover your butt: Lego Minifigures Online Coming to iOS/Android

Turns out the hairy one was a dude.

Turns out the hairy one was a dude.

In my house–they’re not allowed access to Mt. Hexmap–I live with three small boys who excel at eating all my food and playing the drums just as I sit down to write. Every now and then they’ll empty the dishwasher, so it’s not all bad. Having three boys also means that my house is full of Legos. I cannot walk from my desk to the bathroom without stepping on a piece which, somehow, always seems to be lying with one of the pointy corners pointing directly upwards. Even on hardwood floors. Don’t ask, I stopped a long time ago.

Enter, Lego Minifigures Online. A video game that has you collecting little Lego people and taking them on adventures or something. What that entails, I honestly have no idea. It sounds a bit like Skylanders or Diablo but all blocky and plasticy. What’s truly intriguing is that the game was originally scheduled to be free-to-play, which would have ensured the press release a short life span before it met my trash bin, but has been moved to a premium game that you buy up front and can just play. Kind of. The PC version will be a full release for $30 but the iOS and Android versions will run $5 but only include the first world. You can buy extra worlds in the iOS version starting on June 29, whereas the Android version will get more worlds later this summer.

So, how much content do you get for your initial $5? No idea, but I’ll be sure to tell you how long it takes for my kids to start squawking about buying new content.

After the break, check out the reveal trailer. Now I just need to hide it from the kids.

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Carrying a torch: Torchlight Mobile announced for iOS/Android

If they can build this, why isn't the sky full of flying cars?

If they can build this, why isn’t the sky full of flying cars?

Back when Torchlight first arrived on PC it was classified as a “Diablo killer”. It didn’t kill Diablo for me–Blizzard’s action RPG still gets played, Torchlight does not–but it was a very good action RPG that brought some really cool ideas to the table.

This week, Runic Games announced that Torchlight would be coming to mobile devices, although it wouldn’t be a direct port of the PC version. Instead, it’s an entirely new adventure made specifically for mobile. That seems fine, but they’ve also stated that the game will be free-to-play, which usually spells disaster and it very much sounds like it’s heading that way here. The guys at TA related their experience and the F2P model includes timers and multiple in-game currencies.

It’s a shame, too, because early screenshots look really promising. It looks like the PC game on a tablet, and action RPGs are a sadly neglected genre on the platform. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it turns out decent, but from the sound of it, we shouldn’t hold our breath.

Check out the trailer for the PC version of Torchlight II to see what could have been.

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Out came the sun and dried up all the rain: Spiderweb Software reverses course

Say what you will about him, but he sure did love those ballistae.

Say what you will about him, but he sure did love those ballistae.

Back in April we received an unwelcome surprise from Jeff Vogel, otherwise known as the guy behind Spiderweb Software. Let’s go over what happened. The latest RPG from Spiderweb, Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, was due to release on a Wednesday night. It released as expected but was immediately pulled from the App Store for reasons that were, at the time, unknown to us. Jump to the Friday after when Jeff Vogel declared that the latest iOS update destroyed the Avernum engine, and that he was taking his ball and going home. No more Spiderweb RPGs for iOS, ever!

After a few months of work, and getting over some medical issues, it now sounds like Jeff is changing his mind. In a lengthy blog post last week, Jeff backed away from his earlier pronouncement and declared that Spiderweb’s development for iPad is not quite dead. In fact, it’s getting better, and we should be seeing Crystal Souls on the platform soon.

I don’t want to regurgitate everything that Jeff says in his blog–you really should read it–but the basics are that getting old sucks. When he found out that the 8.3 update for iOS blew up his engine, he followed suit and blew up, declaring the iPad dead to him. When he started feeling better, and his meds were changed, he took a long look at what it would take to rewrite the engine so it would work on iPad, and spent the next couple months doing just that. That’s a bare bones synopsis. Jeff does a much better (and funnier) version of describing the situation than I do.

Bottom line, one of the best RPG developers out there is sticking around and is going to be making more great RPGs for the platform that we love the most. Happy Monday.

After the break, take a look at the trailer for Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, a game I honestly didn’t think we’d ever see on the iPad.

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BJT or FET?: Transistor makes its way onto the App Store

Giant swords courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Giant swords courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Contrary to what you may believe, Transistor is not the long awaited sequel to Vacuum Tube we’ve been waiting for. Ho! Electrical engineering jokes, people! Don’t forget to tip your waitress, try the veal, etc. Actually, Transistor is an action RPG from Supergiant Games that arrived on PC and consoles last year to universal acclaim. Last night, under cover of darkness, it appeared on the App Store as well. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be there, as Supergiant hasn’t mentioned an iOS version anywhere. Even now, when it’s live, there’s no mention on their webpage, Facebook account, or Twitter feed. I’ve had to double check the App Store a half dozen times now just to convince myself that the iOS version actually exists.

Transistor is a sci-fi action RPG that uses real-time combat, but in the Frozen Synapse kind of way. You spend a turn planning your actions, and then everything happens in real time. At least that’s how I’m reading it. The story puts you in control of Red, a singer whose voice has been locked inside a massive, glowing sword–the titular Transistor. Her city is under attack from the robotic invaders known as The Process, and chaos ensues.

Supergiant Games are the guys behind the fantastic Bastion, and this game looks to have some of the same aesthetic qualities. It’s for iOS Universal and runs $10.

Hat tip: Athros13

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Out Tonight: Infection, Door Kickers, Spirit of War, Threes Free, and more



Owen here, covering for Dave while he attends an evil sidekick symposium. Did you know that henchmen are more than twenty times more likely to be injured on the job than sinister masterminds? Well, not at Pocket Tactics — safety is the most important thing in our volcano lair high atop Mount Hexmap. Well, aside from the volcano. There’s a few unavoidable risks associated with that. Some.

Anyway. Tonight is an excellent release night, you know? Maybe the best of 2015 so far. I’ve played almost everything in tonight’s crop, and I’m pretty enthusiastic about, oh, 75% of the games going. Let me tell you all about it after the jump.

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RPG Redo: Preview of upcoming Knights of Pen and Paper 2

I actually wear a hat like that when I role-play. The pointy one, not the one with horns. That would be too nerdy.

I actually wear a hat like that when I role-play. The pointy one, not the one with horns. That would be too nerdy.

Knights of Pen & Paper was a unique take on the standard role playing game, putting you in the roles of not only the players of a tabletop game, but also the game master. It had its tongue firmly in cheek, and presented everything in a fun, 8-bit style. It was a clever enough title that it attracted Paradox Entertainment who has now taken over the reigns and is publishing the upcoming, and creatively titled, Knights of Pen & Paper 2.

KOPP2 isn’t expected to hit the App Store until May, but I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-release copy this week. It’s not the full game–only about 20% of the game is present–but I’ve had a chance to check out the tutorial and early missions. Immediately you’ll notice that the graphics are a huge upgrade. The game uses 16-bit graphics that brought back strong feelings of messing around with my old Sega Genesis. Gameplay-wise, things feel very much the same, which isn’t the worst thing considering that the first game was so well done. If it isn’t broken, right? The game involves the players collecting quests and the GM deciding how hard to make each fight by adding or subtracting monsters. The players then fight away, using powers gained through leveling.

The game definitely still has the same sense of humor–the tutorial pits you against the Tarrasque–which is probably the biggest draw of the game. Yes, there’s a good RPG in here, but it’s the humor that sets it apart. Looking forward to getting my hands on the full game when it releases in the next month.

Check out the new gameplay trailer after the break.

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Spiderweb sayonara: Spiderweb Software stops iPad RPG development

Say goodbye to these, because it's the last time you'll be seeing them.

Say goodbye to these, because it’s the last time you’ll be seeing them.

Well, this one came out of nowhere. Yesterday we were speculating on why Spiderweb Software’s latest RPG, Avernum 2: Crystal Souls had been pulled from the App Store shortly after its release on Wednesday night. According to Jeff Vogel at Spiderweb, iOS 8.3 completely broke their engine and they don’t plan on fixing it. In fact, say goodbye to Spiderweb games on iPad, they have ceased all future development on the platform as well.

There are other reasons for their sudden departure, such as the competition on the App Store rising to levels that have hurt Spiderweb sales and causing their advertising budget to skyrocket. On top of that, the dev is just tired of dealing with Apple.

All of Spiderweb’s games have been, and will continue to be, available on PC and Mac, so it’s not like we’ll never see any new Spiderweb RPGs. We just won’t see them on our tablets anymore, which is where I was first introduced to their unique games. If you want to give the titles that still remain on iPad a try, check out Avadon: The Black Fortress, Avernum: Escape from the Pit, Avernum 6, and Avadon 2: The Corruption.

After the break, check out the trailer for the game that broke the camel’s back.

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Joke/pun goes here: World of Dungeons coming to mobile

Even "In Development" would be a better title.

Even “In Development” would be a better title.

Dear Herocraft,

Earlier today I received an email detailing your latest game, World of Dungeons. I just wanted to inform you that, when I read that title in the subject line, my eyes rolled back into my skull and I lost all interest in your game. Seriously? World of Dungeons? Is it really a world of dungeons? How does that work, exactly? There are no structures anywhere in your entire little fictional world that are above ground? Either you’ve completely given up or have transferred the naming duties at HeroCraft to a hamster confined to a Ouija board. No, actually, abpqre-YES-dr45-GOODBYE is a more evocative name than World of Dungeons, so said hamster is clearly overqualified for this position.

Yes, I know your game features tactical combat, several different classes to choose from, and loot and more loot. I even realize its a roguelike, which I’m usually a big fan of. I’m just not sure I can post about a game with such a generic, boring title. Seriously, what’s next? A sci-fi civilization type game that you’ll simply call “Starships”? Who would buy that?

And don’t think that just because you attached a trailer to this email that I will post it after the break.


Dave “I posted a trailer after the break” Neumann

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