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RPG Redo: Preview of upcoming Knights of Pen and Paper 2

I actually wear a hat like that when I role-play. The pointy one, not the one with horns. That would be too nerdy.

I actually wear a hat like that when I role-play. The pointy one, not the one with horns. That would be too nerdy.

Knights of Pen & Paper was a unique take on the standard role playing game, putting you in the roles of not only the players of a tabletop game, but also the game master. It had its tongue firmly in cheek, and presented everything in a fun, 8-bit style. It was a clever enough title that it attracted Paradox Entertainment who has now taken over the reigns and is publishing the upcoming, and creatively titled, Knights of Pen & Paper 2.

KOPP2 isn’t expected to hit the App Store until May, but I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-release copy this week. It’s not the full game–only about 20% of the game is present–but I’ve had a chance to check out the tutorial and early missions. Immediately you’ll notice that the graphics are a huge upgrade. The game uses 16-bit graphics that brought back strong feelings of messing around with my old Sega Genesis. Gameplay-wise, things feel very much the same, which isn’t the worst thing considering that the first game was so well done. If it isn’t broken, right? The game involves the players collecting quests and the GM deciding how hard to make each fight by adding or subtracting monsters. The players then fight away, using powers gained through leveling.

The game definitely still has the same sense of humor–the tutorial pits you against the Tarrasque–which is probably the biggest draw of the game. Yes, there’s a good RPG in here, but it’s the humor that sets it apart. Looking forward to getting my hands on the full game when it releases in the next month.

Check out the new gameplay trailer after the break.

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Spiderweb sayonara: Spiderweb Software stops iPad RPG development

Say goodbye to these, because it's the last time you'll be seeing them.

Say goodbye to these, because it’s the last time you’ll be seeing them.

Well, this one came out of nowhere. Yesterday we were speculating on why Spiderweb Software’s latest RPG, Avernum 2: Crystal Souls had been pulled from the App Store shortly after its release on Wednesday night. According to Jeff Vogel at Spiderweb, iOS 8.3 completely broke their engine and they don’t plan on fixing it. In fact, say goodbye to Spiderweb games on iPad, they have ceased all future development on the platform as well.

There are other reasons for their sudden departure, such as the competition on the App Store rising to levels that have hurt Spiderweb sales and causing their advertising budget to skyrocket. On top of that, the dev is just tired of dealing with Apple.

All of Spiderweb’s games have been, and will continue to be, available on PC and Mac, so it’s not like we’ll never see any new Spiderweb RPGs. We just won’t see them on our tablets anymore, which is where I was first introduced to their unique games. If you want to give the titles that still remain on iPad a try, check out Avadon: The Black Fortress, Avernum: Escape from the Pit, Avernum 6, and Avadon 2: The Corruption.

After the break, check out the trailer for the game that broke the camel’s back.

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Joke/pun goes here: World of Dungeons coming to mobile

Even "In Development" would be a better title.

Even “In Development” would be a better title.

Dear Herocraft,

Earlier today I received an email detailing your latest game, World of Dungeons. I just wanted to inform you that, when I read that title in the subject line, my eyes rolled back into my skull and I lost all interest in your game. Seriously? World of Dungeons? Is it really a world of dungeons? How does that work, exactly? There are no structures anywhere in your entire little fictional world that are above ground? Either you’ve completely given up or have transferred the naming duties at HeroCraft to a hamster confined to a Ouija board. No, actually, abpqre-YES-dr45-GOODBYE is a more evocative name than World of Dungeons, so said hamster is clearly overqualified for this position.

Yes, I know your game features tactical combat, several different classes to choose from, and loot and more loot. I even realize its a roguelike, which I’m usually a big fan of. I’m just not sure I can post about a game with such a generic, boring title. Seriously, what’s next? A sci-fi civilization type game that you’ll simply call “Starships”? Who would buy that?

And don’t think that just because you attached a trailer to this email that I will post it after the break.


Dave “I posted a trailer after the break” Neumann

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Dungeon maestro: Knights of Pen & Paper 2 coming in May

Level 99? Pretty much how we played 1st edition, although my character, Indiana Smith, had all 32 Teeth of the Dahlver-Nar as well.

Level 99? Pretty much how we played 1st edition, although my character, Indiana Smith, had all 32 Teeth of the Dahlver-Nar as well.

Knights of Pen & Paper was an RPG from Brazilian developer Behold Studios who are currently knee-deep with their super sentai game, Chroma Squad. Thus, we were a bit surprised to hear of a sequel to Knights of Pen & Paper coming out on May 14, until we saw that Behold wasn’t the developer for the sequel. No, this one is being done by KYY Games and published by Paradox Interactive.

Knights of Pen & Paper puts you in the shoes of not just nerds with character sheets at the ready, but also thrusts you behind the DM screen and has you making decisions on where the adventure goes. The sequel follows the same road, but changes things up a bit. For starters, instead of the simulated 8-bit graphics, the graphics will now be simulated 16-bit graphics. I can only wait for Knights of Pen & Paper 14 when we reach simulated Dejarik graphics. It’s not just the look, however, we’re also getting new racial feats, a new d20 combat system, and, of course, more jokes.

We have a new trailer after the break, but it doesn’t show any gameplay. That said, it’s still a fun trailer and gives you a glimpse into the kind of humor you can expect in the Knights of Pen & Paper games.

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The pixels we deserve: Pixel Heroes coming next week

The other dungeons are: It's a Small World, Space Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean

The other dungeons are: It’s a Small World, Space Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean

Over the years we’ve seen many, many, way too many game trailers. Rarely, they’ll be either fantastic or terrible, but usually they’re somewhere in the middle. You’re familiar with these middling trailers: show a little gameplay, add a blurb or two, wrap it up. I’m not entirely sure where the trailer for Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic lies, but I’m leaning towards the “fantastic” end of the meter. If the trailer has a downside, it’s the reminder that I actually looked like that in 1987, albeit with a more bitchin’ mullet.

That’s just a trailer, though, let’s take a gander at Pixel Heroes itself, which has on Steam for awhile now, but is coming to iOS and Android next Wednesday night. In it, you control a party of up to three heroes chosen from 30 different classes and do RPG stuff like running quests and finding loot. The game has 13 different dungeons each with different end bosses as well as NPCs who each have their own stories and quests. It also has permadeath. That’s right, Pixel Heroes is another roguelike, which isn’t a bad thing.

Now, stop reading this and head past the jump to witness a trailer unlike any other.

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A tale of two sagas: Narborion Saga Book 2 coming to iOS/Android

Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog!

Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog!

The first book in the Narborion Saga was released in late 2014 and the most amazing thing about it was that Owen didn’t assign it to me for a review. Interactive fiction, averted! That said, it looked interesting in that it was trying to inject far more RPG elements than we’re used to into our interactive fiction. The downside was its free-to-play model that allowed you to purchase gold via IAP.

The second book in the series, titled God of Orcs, is coming to iOS and Android in March and the developer, Liber Primus, is introducing some new features in this latest book that haven’t been seen in a digital gamebook before. Namely, the ability to take snaps of your physical, tabletop miniatures and bring them into the digital world. Of course, if you’re like me, you suck at painting miniatures and hope that you’re not forced to look at a character with a bright peach face and a black unibrow that was supposed to be two dots for eyes.

They’ve incorporated other feedback as well, making changes to character creation and spell crafting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the free-to-play model is going anywhere, so I may have to actually check this one out to see how high the paywall rises.

Trailer and more screens after the break.

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Smell what’s cooking: The very first video of Legend of Grimrock on iPad

The rock is going to be on a cycle of Lexapro to see how it responds.

The rock is going to be on a cycle of Lexapro to see how it responds.

Speaking of PC-to-iPad RPG ports: Legend of Grimrock–the game that made first-person Wizardry-style dungeon crawlers hot again–is just about ready to launch for Apple tablets. This port was first whispered about last summer.

Finnish devs Almost Human have sent around word that the iPad edition of the game is in beta right now and will launch on the App Store “this spring”, right about two years after the PC version of the game caught the crest of the retro octo-directional RPG wave. They’ve also sent around a video of the game in action on an iPad for the first time — if you ask me, it looks even better than it does on PC, what with the pinch-to-zoom maps and what not, but I’m also the guy that runs Pocket Tactics so maybe take that with a grain of salt.

Watch that trailer below. Arachnaphobes, you’ll just want to skip to the next post, okay?

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Before the dawn: iPad port of Darkest Dungeon is “on roadmap”

With a bit of uplighting and some halogen spots we could do wonders for this room.

With a bit of uplighting and some halogen spots we could do wonders for this room.

The first game in 2015 to cause me to violate our moratorium on games with “dungeon” in their titles is Darkest Dungeon, a permadeath-heavy turn-based RPG that I was completely unaware of until Civ 4 designer and Mohawk Games founder Soren Johnson illuminated it to me this weekend. “Darkest Dungeon is going to be an incredible iPad game,” quoth Johnson, and boy is he right.

I played the PC early access build a while yesterday and Darkest Dungeon is nothing short of terrific, even in this pre-release state. You have an XCOM-style barracks full of adventurers that you send into an abyss filled with Eldritch horrors, provisioning each party with rations (everybody has to eat periodically or they start to go mad), torches (the game’s difficulty increases as your light sources fade) and other goods. Adventurers that come back out (if any) get stronger, but also need to unwind in the upgradeable inns and chapels of the town, lest they start to develop psychoses or interrupt Grammy acceptance speeches. It’s excellent.

Now about that iPad version — Soren Johnson was engaging a bit of wishful thinking there, as one hasn’t been announced. But on Twitter, the game’s designer Tyler Sigman said that a tablet edition was very much in Red Hook Studios’ plans:

I’d be all over that, and I bet you lot would, too. Watch the trailer after the jump, then go ply Tyler Sigman with charming and witty requests for a port on Twitter.

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