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Still alone: Lone Wolf’s third chapter arrives 7 August

Just the worst indigestion. You have no idea.

Just the worst indigestion. You have no idea.

Act 3 of Bulkypix’s action RPG/gamebook hybrid Lone Wolf will be popping up for iOS and Android on 7 August, the French publishers tell us. There’s few details about Lone Wolf: The Shianti Halls (I think we had a company Christmas party there a few years back) other than a cryptic allusion to “a dreadful new enemy”, who is presumably the red-eyed chap in the screenshot above. Either that, or Lone Wolf finally has a friend, and need not be so alone anymore. Probably not the latter.

Last year was a banner year for gamebooks. Both Lone Wolf and Inkle’s Sorcery! series put the “interactive” into interactive fiction like never before — Lone Wolf by adding in fantasy RPG action and Sorcery by adding deeper decisions and dynamic dialogue. We preferred the latter, but they were both very good in their own ways. You can read Neumann’s review of Lone Wolf Chapter 1 right here.

There’s no video yet for Chapter 3, so after the jump I’ve got the trailer for Chapter 2, which came out back in back in April.

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Weekend Price Drops: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Discounts Edition [UPDATED]

King George was mightily displeased when he learned of Jeff Goldblum's treachery.

King George was mightily displeased when he learned of Jeff Goldblum’s treachery.

Two-hundred and thirty-eight years ago yesterday, George Washington and Jeff Goldblum piloted a captured Montgolfier balloon onto the British mothership and uploaded a computer virus which disabled the King’s legions of freedom-hating Sentinel robots, providing an opening for General Lynyrd Skynyrd to lead the Continental Army to a decisive victory over the royalist forces led by Rowan Atkinson.

It is in honour of that historic act of black hat sneaker-net hacking that we celebrate the 4th of July by downloading discounted iPhone games. After the jump, let the celebrations begin.

[UPDATE, Sunday the 6th: King of Dragon Pass is on sale, too. If you're into games and you haven't played King of Dragon Pass, that's like calling yourself a movie buff having never seen a Kurosawa film. You need to play KoDP, and it only goes on sale once or twice a year, so carpe diem. It's usually ten dollars, but it's discounted to eight until Sunday night.]

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The Skald’s Tale: The Banner Saga Coming to Tablets

Ubin, time to get those horns trimmed

Ubin, time to get those horns trimmed

Earlier today, publisher Versus Evil announced that the tactical RPG, The Banner Saga, is coming to iOS, Android and Windows tablets later this summer. The Banner Saga was the brainchild of several ex-Bioware employees had the idea for a Bioware-like RPG with a mythical Norse-like backdrop. To get there, they used Kickstarter and managed to rake in enough hacksilver to create what might be one of the most stunningly beautiful games out there.

Besides the artwork, however, it seems like there’s a real, honest-to-goodness RPG in here with characters you can care about and a story that isn’t “Collect 15 wolf pelts”. The combat in the game is turn-based and tactical, and looks like the good old days of the Dungeons & Dragons Gold Box games.

Other than “summer” we have no idea when the actual tablet release will happen, but there’s only a couple months left of summer so I can’t imagine it will be too long. Check out the trailer after the break.

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Sharper and Brighter: More Sword & Glory coming in 1.5 update

Get your whetstone, kinsman.

Get your whetstone, kinsman.

One of the dev teams I found time to chat with at PG Connects was Ifelse Media, the makers of the criminally slept-on Sword & Glory. I was enraptured by that game when we discovered it last year — a riff on Way of the Samurai set in medieval Scandinavia. You create a custom Norseman and then explore your village and the surrounding woods, getting into 3D action sequences where you duel rival clansmen or navigating choose-your-own-adventure segments with significant consequences.

Ifelse Media’s Veli-Matti Virtanen and Timo Moisio were in Helsinki showing off their next game The Music of Erich Zann, a casual puzzle game based on the little-known H. P. Lovecraft story of the same name. In the story (and the game) a old man named Erich Zann plays odd violin melodies from his apartment window every night to keep an otherworldly evil at bay. Obviously, That game is quite unique and we’ll be sure to cover it when it comes out this summer, but I was anxious to hear more about the new Sword & Glory content.

Moisio wouldn’t be drawn too far out about what specific content was coming, but he did confirm that the new stuff would be incorporated into an update to the existing Sword & Glory, not a distinct app. I’m really glad that this game is still getting updates because it’s a real hidden gem.

Watch the trailer after the jump and have a read of the guest post Moisio wrote us last year about the making of Sword & Glory.

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Tales of Game’s announce BBall Tactics, a mobile blitzball for Barkley 2

It's a goer.

It’s a goer.

Way back in 2012 the developers of Barkley 2* told me that their epic cyberpunk basketball comedy JRPG (the sequel to 2008′s absurd masterpiece Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden) would be coming to mobile as well as PC. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Barkley, the shortest primer on the game is it takes place on post-apocalyptic Earth where NBA legend Charles Barkley accidentally destroyed the City of New York by performing the forbidden Chaos Dunk at Madison Square Garden, leading to basketball’s prohibition. It actually gets stranger than that, for what it’s worth.

Apparently inoculated against ideas like “scope creep” and “budgets”, the Tales of Game’s crew announced this morning on the Barkley 2 Kickstarter page that there’s another Barkley game — a mobile game — in parallel development. BBall Tactics will be to Barkley 2 what Blitzball was to Final Fantasy X, which is to say that it will hopefully be a ridiculous time-sink from which there is no escape. Turn-based basketball with cybernetically enhanced NBA all-stars for iOS & Android.

Obviously there’s a lot of placeholder art in that screenshot up there, but have a look at the video Tales of Game’s posted after the jump. What about the core Barkley 2 game? The once-predicted December 2013 release date has come and gone but the game is in alpha and ToG have been posting updates to Facebook with comforting regularity.

*Full title: “The Magical Realms of Tír na nÓg: Escape from Necron 7 – Revenge of Cuchulainn: The Official Game of the Movie – Chapter 2 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa”

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A radar gun for your crossbow?: Adventure to Fate for iOS

Isn't every adventure an adventure to fate?

Isn’t every adventure an adventure to fate?

There’s been some buzz on the PT forums about Adventure to Fate: A Quest to The Core, which is not (as it turns out) related in any way to the wonderfully bad The Core. More’s the pity.

So there’s no pixel art Hilary Swank in this thing but there is a big (“30-hour”) RPG with turn-based Final Fantasy-style combat and customisable heroes. The game is a bit of a departure for creators Touchmint, whose oeuvre to date consists of sports utility apps like Bracket Maker and Baseball Pitch Radar GunPT readers have generally had positive things to say about Adventure to Fate, though.

Watch the trailer below and if your fancy is tickled, you can find Adventure to Fate on the App Store for two bucks.

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Weekend Price Drops: All Killer, No Filler Edition

It's getting hot in herre.

It’s getting hot in herre.

Well somebody sacrificed an animal to the right deity this weekend (it wasn’t me, unless you count the dry, brillo-like chicken I overcooked for dinner yesterday) because this weekend’s price drops are a standout bunch that can be recommended almost entirely without reservation.

Let’s have a browse after the break.

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Wards with friends: Co-op board game dungeon crawler Fallen Lords is out for iOS & Android

Warrior needs dice badly.

Warrior needs dice badly.

There’s no trailer for digital board game Fallen Lords, but if you watch the tutorial video below it looks like Warhammer Quest meets Quarriors with a dash of Elder Sign thrown in, which is a chocolate-and-peanut-butter combination if I’ve ever heard one.

Groundling Games developer Seth Gupton told me that he and studio co-founder Karl Hauber created the game after they got tired of playing board games over Google Hangouts due to being in different states. That’s kind of like opening a restaurant because you don’t like the selection of Oreos in the office vending machine, but who am I to complain? The game looks neat.

You can play Fallen Lords by taking control of all four of the dungeon-delving heroes in the game, or cooperatively by letting up to three friends control a character. The combat is dice-centric but lets you combine several heroes’ dice in a way that cuts down the randomness. I love the idea of a co-op dungeon crawl and we haven’t seen anybody take a serious stab at that since Pocket Heroes way back in 2012.

Kelsey’s going to review this one but have a look at the gameplay video after the jump in the meantime. The game is out for iOS and for Android.

Hat-tip to Comrade Brad from 164.

UPDATE: Literally just this second Brad posted a video review of the game over at BGG.

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