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Out Tonight: A new Inkle game! Plus Goat Simulator and Tactics Maiden

A scale model of the universe's largest bottle.

A scale model of the universe’s largest bottle.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day feels like a slightly embarrassing vestige of the mid-2000s, like and Atkins diets. And yet we have reason to celebrate it again tonight, because 80 Days makers Inkle have timed the surprise release of a new gamebook to coincide with it. <insert hamsterdance.gif>

Down Among the Dead Men is an Inkle-produced gamebook about pirates, obviously. It’s written by Dave Morris, the author of Inkle’s 2012 debut game Frankenstein. More details about that and two other interesting releases after the jump.

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The Crowdfunder: Hard West, Star Traders 2, and more

I'm your Great Old Huckleberry.

I’m your Great Old Huckleberry.

PT reader Mark Sable wrote in to point us in the general direction of Hard West, a currently-Kickstarting tactical game set in what the developers call “the Weird West”. I think they mean Portland.

Hard West reaches right into my brain and fervently prods the desire module: turn-based XCOM-style combat, exploration in the strategy layer, a world where George Washington Carver might play hold ‘em with Cthulhu. Here’s the rub: there’s no plans on their Kickstarter page for a mobile version, just PC. But that’s where Mark comes back in — he’s talked to Polish devs CreativeForge, and they’ve told him that Hard West for tablets is entirely possible. Hmmmm.

Watch the pitch video for Hard West and three other intriguing crowdfunding campaigns after the jump.

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Ten towns to go: Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition announced

The Icewind Dale Business Improvement Board really prefers you use the name "Refreshing Breeze Dale".

The Icewind Dale Business Improvement Board really prefers you use the name “Refreshing Breeze Dale”.

Here’s the first big announcement to be trumpeted at PAX: Icewind Dale is getting the same makeover and tablet port that fellow D&D RPG Baldur’s Gate got back in 2012.

Besides running on modern PCs and mobile devices, Canadian devs Beamdog say that the isometric RPG includes both expansions to the original and will have new content including new character classes and loot, plus cross-platform co-op multiplayer. Another first is that, unlike the two previous Baldur’s Gate remasters, Icewind Dale is coming to phones as well as tablets.

The original PC game from 2000 is the favourite RPG of many D&D heads that I know, and the remake of Baldur’s Gate got top marks from our man Phil, with Clancy being similarly enthusiastic about BG II. I wonder how well this is going to work on phones, given that the UI was a bit of an owlbear to wrangle on a larger device, but hey — more D&D on your mobile.

There’s video after the jump, y’all, and there’s more details at

Hat-tip to PT‘s Master of Whispers Pitta.

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Weekend Price Drops: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other Edition

It's a mystery, detective.

It’s a mystery, detective.

This installment of Weekend Price Drops is unusual for a couple of reasons: first, there’s more good games on sale than there has been in recent memory, and second, there’s a game in here that isn’t any good at all. A mystery!

After the jump, if we crack this case I’ll approve your transfer to Homicide.

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Not Necessarily The Mobile Games News: Space Hulk Ascension, Battle Academy 2, and Below

Beam me down.

Beam me down.

Yesterday was positively turgid with game announcements that many readers (quite rightly) blew up my inbox about. All three of these games — Space Hulk Ascension, Battle Academy 2, and Below — would be entirely welcome on tablets and mobile devices, and in some cases it would be downright surprising if they weren’t coming to touchscreens.

After the break, (mostly) definitive answers about if and when to expect this trifecta on your iPad.

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Weekend Price Drops: Once in a Lifetime Edition

And you may ask yourself, "Well... how did I get here?"

And you may ask yourself, “Well… how did I get here?”

This weekend is associated with no particular holiday or milestone and yet — thanks to the munificence of Space Emperor Xerxes XIV, whose every howl is like music to his subjects — it is quite possibly the biggest discount weekend of the year so far.

We’ve got the first-ever discount on out-sized WWII wargame Panzer Corps, a big sale on squad tactical game Frozen Synapse (our runner-up Multiplayer Game of the Year last year), and more besides. Trailers and discounts await your attention below.

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Mighty Litigious Power Rangers: Chroma Squad runs afoul of Saban’s lawyers

Mighty tortin'.

Mighty tortin’.

Some slightly worrying news about Chroma Squad, one of our most anticipated games of the year. Turns out that Brazilian studio Behold’s parody of the Japanese super sentai TV shows of the 1980s and 90s was a bit too on-the-nose for entertainment behemoth Saban, who hold the intellectual property rights to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

In a backers-only update (entitled “A small hiccup”) to Chroma Squad’s Kickstarter page today, Behold said that Saban’s attorneys had “been in contact with [them] for a while now”. Saban has apparently played a development build of Chroma Squad provided by Behold and found that the game infringes on their IP.

Behold say that Saban have offered them a deal where the rights-holders would be cut in on Chroma Squad’s royalties. I talked today to Behold’s Saulo Camarotti and asked him if this meant the game was going to be held up. “No at all,” he told me. “We’re [about to release] a new version for the backers and early-access players. And everything is on its way.”

Camarotti told me that he’s hoping that this doesn’t end up in court. “I really want to make a win-win negotiation with them,” he told me.

After the jump I’ve got the latest Chroma Squad trailer alongside some video of Saban’s Power Rangers — decide for yourself (in your esteemed legal opinion) if Behold are infringing.

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Good kid, mad city: LA Cops will shoot up iOS & Android in Q4

Listen up 'cause you can't saying nothing.

Listen up ’cause you can’t say nothing.

There’s a whole generation of adults alive today who have never actually seen a 1970s American cop show. I am one of them. The closest I’ve ever come to an episode of Rockford Files or Banacek is the “Sabotage” video. And yet we all possess some genetic background knowledge of 70s cop show ephemera. Big aviator shades. Short-sleeved dress shirts with shoulder holsters. Casual disregard for rules. Sedans. Mistrust of (other) authority figures. Sideburns. The 70s cop show is part of our passive cultural literacy the way The Song of Roland was for the Franks and Dora the Explorer is for Millennials.

Over at Pocket Gamer yesterday, Harry Slater gave us a look at the forthcoming PC, iOS & Android action game LA Cops. Underneath the epidermis, there is nothing about this game that wouldn’t work equally well as a more conventionally military-themed game like Breach & Clear. And yet creator Ollie Clarke seems to be one of us, haunted by 1970s cops he’s never actually watched on TV, and so LA Cops is set in that semi-mythical age of the bellbottomed trouser and it looks great.

Gameplay-wise, this is a real-time isometric shooter, but in that PG preview creator Clarke bigs up the tactical aspects. I wish in my heart that it was just a turn-based game but maybe the pace is manageable enough that it will work on a touchscreen. I’d love a cop-themed Syndicate on my iPad but if this turns out to have the wired pulse of a Hotline Miami then surely mouse & keyboard will be preferable. We’ll see.

LA Cops is due out in the last quarter of 2014 on iOS, Android, and PC. Head over to PG to read Slater’s hands-on and watch a gameplay video after the jump.

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