A Handheld History celebrates the glorious gadgets we love

Need something new to read? From Lost In Cult, the team behind lock-on magazine and Retro Dodo, comes the premium coffee table book A Handheld History

A handheld history crowdfund: Two images show the premium journal A Handheld History

Just when you thought your shelves were full, A Handheld History has come along to celebrate every portable device from the Game Boy to the Switch. So shift a few old magazines and give this one pride of place. A collaboration between Lost in Cult – the makers of [lock-on] magazine, and the largest retro gaming site in the world, Retro Dodo, this is a comprehensive look at our favourite little gadgets.

The book features several familiar writers such as The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grub, Janet Garcia, Mike Diver, and in full disclosure, myself Nathan Ellingsworth the person writing this article. It’s properly cracking though, ignore my obvious bias and look at the amazing art.

At the time of writing A Handheld History is already at £17k of its £21k target to make the project a reality, with the deadline set for May 9, 2022, at 18:00 GMT. So, while we can comfortably say this will be a success, if you want to make sure you can hold this lovely magazine in your hands when it releases, or some of the amazing art prints accompanying it, head to the official crowdfunding page now and grab a copy while you can.

Check out the reveal trailer below to get a proper taste of this project, before heading on over to ahandheldhistory.com to back and secure your copy today.

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