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A3: Still Alive code list - gold, topaz, and soulstars

Never miss out on a freebie with our A3: Still Alive code list

December 1, 2020: We’ve added a new code to our list.

It seems like there’s a new MMORPG arriving every week on mobile. But life’s hard for adventurers, and there isn’t enough time in the day for all that darn questing, especially with the mobile RPG XP and gear grind being what it is. So that’s why, in our beneficence, we’ve created an A3: Still Alive code list, giving you some sorely needed freebies to help you along your merry way in Netmarble’s new MMO.

Whether we’re talking gold, topaz, mana stones, blue diamonds, or feathers of protection, we have every A3: Still Alive code that’s currently available. We also explain how to redeem codes in A3: Still Alive, using the game’s slightly convoluted coupon system, and offer some suggestions on where to find yourself further fantasy freebies.

If you’re just getting started, be sure to check out our A3: Still Alive guide for some tips and tricks in making the most of the game. We can also help you choose your A3: Still Alive best class, and help you pick the right playstyle for you.

here are the latest a3: still alive codes

a3: still alive codes

  • A3BLACK – Five brilliant soulstars
  • A3VIGORPOTION – Five small vigor potions
  • A3EXPSOULSTAR – One exp soulstar
  • A3SKILLSTONE – Five passive skill enhancement stones
  • A3SOULSTAR – Two shining soulstars
  • A3TOPAZ – 100 Topaz
  • A3GOLDBOX – 100,000 gold
  • A3FEATHER – 30 common feathers of protection
  • A3REINFORCE –  5 enhancement blessing scrolls
  • A3MANASTONE – 1,000,000 mana stones
  • A3STILLALIVE – 300 blue diamonds

Expired list:

  • DARKSURVIVE – 500,000 gold (expires November 16)

how do i redeem my a3: still alive code?

The code system in A3: Still Alive is slightly more complicated than most. In order to redeem them, you have to get past the tutorial and the first initial battle. Once you’ve done this, tap on the three barred menu icon in the top right of the screen. From here you want to tap on the cog on the bottom right, which takes you to settings.

Once you’re there, tap on ‘enter coupon’, which you’ll find towards the centre of the screen. There are three coupon types to redeem here, but all of these codes are A3 Special Coupons, so select that option, type in your code, and tap confirm.

You can also redeem codes online, for which you’ll need your account ID, which can be found in that settings menu, and this link to the official Netmarble A3 redemption page.

where can i find more a3: still alive codes?

Since the game has just released, most of these codes arrived as part of launch-related rewards. For more fantasy freebies, your best bet is to look at the A3: Still Alive Reddit, or to find the game on its official Facebook account, or follow the Netmarble Twitter. This way you can stay up to date with any in-game freebies and giveaways.

You can find A3: Still Alive on Google Play and the App Store.