Adopt Me update

Prepare for a whole host of new furry, feathery, and scaly friends in the Roblox Adopt Me update, ready for you to hatch, collect, and trade with your friends.

Adopt Me update: A close-up of the new winged deer pet from Pride Month

The new Roblox Adopt Me update is here, and we can’t wait to dive right in and get to all the new content. The most recent content update celebrates Pride Month, bringing a new pet and a bunch of cosmetics to show off your identity.

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When is the Adopt Me update release date?

The Adopt Me Pride event is out now to play on Roblox

What are the Adopt Me update new pets?

The Happy Pride Month update adds one new pet:

  • Caelum Cervi – 650 robux

What are the Adopt Me update new toys?

This update adds a range of Pride flag-themed toys for your pets, all for only 50 bucks each. They are:

  • Sixteen new 2023 Pride flags
  • Rainbow Popsicle Friend
  • Rainbow Cake Chew Toy
  • Pride Wand Rattle
  • Pride Paw Flying Disc
  • Pride Balloons

You can get bucks from login bonuses, money trees, completing objectives, and through in-game paychecks that you get every 15 or so minutes.

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