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Danny Trejo’s favorite Nintendo Switch game may surprise you, actually

You might expect Hollywood hard-man Danny Trejo to be into tougher Nintendo Switch games, but KK Slider has Trejo’s heart it seems.

Danny Trejo Animal Crossing New Horizons: An image of Danny Trejo pointing his fingers at KK Slider.

Danny Trejo is a bona fide cinematic legend, having worked with auteurs like Michael Mann and Robert Rodriguez over the years. Away from the big-screen, Trejo is often winding with his favorite Nintendo Switch game, but what could it be? Perhaps he’s into a sturdy FPS or a sprawling RPG masterpiece? Nope, Trejo is spending his time paying off his debt to Tom Nook in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

To celebrate National Videogame Day, Trejo is encouraging his social media followers to reveal what their favorite games are. “What’s your favorite video game of all time? Mine…[is]  Animal Crossing New Horizons,” the Heat actor says in a recent post. Alongside his declaration of love for one of the best Switch RPGs ever made, Trejo shows off his Nintendo Switch, with none other than our main campfire song maestro KK Slider on-screen. Like you, we’re surprised by Trejo’s pick, but more importantly, what is his village like?

What Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers has Trejo taken a liking to? We reckon that Trejo has it out for Tom Nook because, after all, it ain’t fun owing the iconic raccoon tons of Bells. You just know that Trejo has tons of Animal Crossing Lego in his home, too. While it seems he’s going about his business solo catching every species on the Animal Crossing New Horizons fish list, it isn’t stopping fans of the actor from offering their services.

Danny Trejo Animal Crossing New Horizons: An image of Danny Trejo holding a Nintendo Switch with KK Slider on the screen.

“No cap, If you need a loan, I got you,” replies Rocket League enthusiast ‘somegaveall.’ Others like ‘LaSinity’ are hoping that the Spy Kids icon will take them up on New Horizons’ multiplayer game features: “I am politely asking to visit your island or you to visit mine.”

Trejo has been on the New Horizons train since it debuted in 2020, too. Comically, Trejo hasn’t taken any more photos of him playing the game it seems since then, as an older social media post expresses that “this is more fun with pals? Who wants my dodo code?”

Who’d have thought, eh? However, what you and Trejo might be wondering is the big ole’ question: ‘When will we get a new Animal Crossing game?’. It looks like a fresh entry could still be a while away, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean the fun ends there.

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