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Anime Impact tier list July 2024

Our Anime Impact tier list lets you know the current meta and the choicest character picks in this turn-based Roblox RPG experience.

anime impact main banner featuring luffy and goku

We’ve got a full Anime Impact tier list to help you out in this RPG Roblox game based on many different anime series, including the likes of Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto. You need to collect famous characters and form a squad to do battle in this turn-based experience, but in order to be the very best, you need to know which characters are currently topping the meta.

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Anime Impact tier list

So, let’s take a look at where each of the Anime Impact characters sits in the current meta. Choosing characters for your squad wholly depends on how you like to play the game, so it will, naturally, depend on what your preferences are. But here, we rank all of the Anime Impact characters depending on overall effectiveness (because, of course, some characters may be better or worse in certain situations or game modes), and we factor in specifics like DPS, speed, and AoE attacks.

Rank Character
S Jin Woo, Jin Woo (Monarch), Byakuyo (Cherry), Goku (Ceru), Eneru (Kami), Aizo (Traitor), Nani, Teen Guhen (Father Son), Sonade (100 Seal)
A Ceru (Perfect), Cherry, Sonade, Urihima, Pein (Almighty), Narooto (Timeskip), Byakuyo, Jonin Minatu
B Teen Guhen, Goko (Namek), Ging, Heron, Pein, Eneru, Croc (Sandstorm), Croc, Aizo, Ceru
C Kakashee, Spade, Hoku, Ruke
D Tonji, Kuririn, Iche, Sanjoo, Zabohza, Freezo

How do I get Anime Impact characters?

Anime Impact has many unique and fun characters to add to your roster, plus advanced versions which you can see we’ve included in our tier list. In order to get these characters, you need to summon them and spend some hard-earned gems. Each character has a different rarity, and therefore some can be harder to bag than others thanks to good ol’ RNG.
So, make sure you’re stocking plenty of gems and planning out your builds, so you can get the very best characters on your team and defeat your foes with ease.

anime impact summon area

Our pick for the best Anime Impact team build

If you’re after total world domination, then you’re going to want to pick the most powerful characters available. There are certain situations where other characters might be more beneficial, but if you just want to smash through your opponents, then our pick for the best team build can help you do exactly that. So, let’s take a look at who to put in your squad.

Jin Woo (Monarch) – You might recognize the name Jin Woo from the much-loved anime Solo Leveling, and in Anime Impact he has some impressively powerful abilities. He can turn the tide in almost any battle by strengthening both himself and all of his allies. In order to get this higher-tier version of the character, you’ll need to unlock Jin Woo normally, and then evolve him. It might take a little time, but it’s definitely worth it.

Sonade (100 Seal) – You’ll recognize Sonade in Anime Impact as a character based on Tsunade from Naruto. She’s a super powerful healer, in both the original anime, and in her iteration in Anime Impact, and she’s an absolute powerhouse to add to your roster if you want to keep your characters standing. You’ll need to evolve Sonade to get her to the 100 Seal level, and while her healing potential lets her bestow health on everyone all at once, she also packs an incredibly powerful punch.

Urihima – Urihima also comes from the Solo Leveling universe and is a great all-round healer and support character. You’ll want Jin Woo (Monarch) to be front and center, with Sonade (100 Seal) providing extra attack power as well as healing, and then Urihima can simply pick up the slack and keep you fighting fit at all times.

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