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By Owen Faraday 10 Dec 2012 0
Mulberry Bush "You want to hire me as a bodyguard?"

For as much as we malign infinite runners on this site - the runner-up Action Game of the Year is one, and you could make the argument that the winner is, too. But the winner in this category is more than an infinite running game - it's a genre-transcending masterpiece that is one of the year's most memorable video game experiences on any platform.

After the jump, the Pocket Tactics Action Game of the Year.

The Action Game of the Year for 2012 is God of Blades.

The truest thing I wrote all year was the feeling that God of Blades was a game created by "my people". That's quite a personal sentiment, but if you enjoy Pocket Tactics I have a feeling it probably extends to you, too. God of Blades paints a landscape that is alien and weird whilst simultaneously feeling familiar - it's not the only game to proudly display its science fiction and fantasy roots but it elevates those roots to greatness through the sure-handed touch of its artist-developers.

The games of my people. A higher calling.

God of Blades is influenced by the past but creates a universe of its own, one that feels careworn and lived-in the way an old library paperback copy of Dune feels. White Whale Games could keep telling stories in that universe for a long time to come - I wonder if they will, or if they'll move onto something else, leaving us with all of those interesting untold corners of their tale.

As a pure action game it's mechanically far simpler than games you can find on other platforms, but God of Blades is just complex enough - I wouldn't to have to do more than God of Blades asks me to do on a touchscreen, or I wouldn't be able to admire the extraordinary world I've been transported to.

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