Action Game of the Year 2012 Runner-up: Punch Quest

By Owen Faraday 10 Dec 2012 0
Rocketcat's progress. Punching above its weight.

The Pocket Tactics Action Game of the Year Runner-up for 2012 is Punch Quest.

Punch Quest is a game about punching things. Except when you're riding a velociraptor that shoots laser beams out of its mouth. Or deciding on a hat. The infinite runner is a piteous dead horse, but Punch Quest overcomes that by not taking itself (or its genre) very seriously.

Punch Quest developers Rocketcat Games were doing infinite runners long before it was hip - you could argue that they pioneered the genre. Their maiden release - 2009's Hook Champ - was one of the first great iOS games and remains great today. With each successive game, Rocketcat have reinvented themselves - trying variations on the Hook Champ theme with Super Quickhook and Hook Worlds and dabbling with Zelda-style RPGs with Mage Gauntlet - before landing on Punch Quest, a game that winningly amalgamates everything that they've done before.

It would be interesting if Rocketcat's next outing slowed down a little and explored the mechanical territory opened up by Mage Gauntlet, but Rocketcat games at their best have been wonderfully kinetic - it's almost a trademark of the brand that you never get time to appreciate all of the art and enemy design because it's all going by so fast. Yet another reason to keep replaying them.

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