Action Game of the Year 2013

By Owen Faraday 10 Dec 2013 0
This won't hurt a bit. This won't hurt a bit.

We often knock sequels for failing to innovate on their predecessors, but sometimes you just want more of the stuff that made the original so good. Our Action Game of the Year gives you plenty of both, somehow.

Not just ridiculous, but redonkulous. Not just ridiculous, but redonkulous.

Last year's multiplayer-only squad tactics game Outwitters was the Pride and Prejudice of games: most everybody claimed to love it, but there was vanishingly little evidence that many people had actually sat down with the thing. The game that One Man Left had hoped would be their next big hit fizzled out instead.

This year, One Man Left decided to play it safe by making a sequel to 2010's tilt-controlled smash hit Tilt to Live. It takes a very special context for Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous be considered "safe". Like it's predecessor, your job is deceptively simple: keep the pointer on the screen away from the red dots that spawn on the screen. It starts simple, with regular patterns of deadly dots but quickly descends into a delirium tremens hallucination that only One Man Left could conjure up.

Tilt to Live 2 is a frantic just-one-more-go game that rewards clever thinking as much as it does deft reflexes, and it manages to evolve the original formula with new bosses and dot-killing power-ups while staying true to its formula and never taking itself too seriously. Or remotely seriously.

My biggest complaint about Tilt to Live 2 cannot be lodged with One Man Left at all, but rather with Gordon Moore: one of my favourite parts of Tilt to Live 1 was the hilarious messages on the game's loading screens. The 2013 edition of the app loads instantly, something I never thought I'd find myself regretting about a game.

Runner-up: Ridiculous Fishing

Honourable Mention: Sky Gamblers: Cold War, Junk Jack X, Cook Serve Delicious

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