Action Game of the Year 2013 Runner-Up: Ridiculous Fishing

By Owen Faraday 10 Dec 2013 0
Come fly with me. Come fly with me.

I'll be the first to admit that our definition of "action" as a game genre is a little broad. Because we're a site for olds, our usual fodder consists of RPGs, strategy games, board games, adventure games and interactive fiction (the slower, more considered side of gaming), and anything with any sort of demand on your reflexes gets lumped into "action".

Ridiculous Fishing, then. A product of the perennially put-upon Vlambeer, Ridiculous Fishing lives up to its name. Catch fish (and other unfortunate creatures besides) with tilt controls, then catapult them into the air where you shoot them with guns. And eventually, an orbital laser. The colourful graphics and whimsical music are a red herring -- this is a revenge story.

Ridiculous Fishing is really several different games crammed into one product: avoiding fish as you lower the hook so it goes as deep as possible, catching as many fish as you can on the way back up, and then shooting the poor things once they're airborne. It violates Sid Meier's Covert Action Rule, but it works. My girlfriend and I compartmentalised it neatly as a cooperative game for playing on the subway: I handled the fishing, she did the shooting. I suspect Ridiculous Fishing already has a place in that unnamed Hall of Fame -- the games that you never delete off your phone.

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