Now you’ve done it - Activision has discovered mobile is a thing

By Joe Robinson 11 Feb 2020 1

To be fair, Activision has known about mobile for a while. They’ve dabbled with it on-and-off like most publishers who aren't mobile-focused have and they’re not against simply acquiring companies that specialise in this space. For example, they bought King back in 2016.

As far as their own 'first-party' stable of franchises are concerned, Owen previously reviewed a Call of Duty spin-off called Strike Team. But we imagine neither this nor Call of Duty: Heroes really inspired Activision to get out of bed. Neither are currently available to purchase or play anymore, as it happens.

But it seems the recent release of Call of Duty: Mobile has really caused the videogame giant to cast its Eye of Sauron on Mobile-land. In a recent earnings call, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick reported that the Call of Duty player base grew from 40 Million to 100 Million through 2019, and he attributes a large part of the growth to the new mobile game.

In terms of revenue, mobile is now the largest platform with it accounting for 34% of the company’s total revenue for the past year up to December 31st, 2019. This is up from 2018’s 29%. Console and PC only account for (roughly) 30% and 26% respectively during 2019.

We’re not sure specifically how much revenue COD Mobile has totted up so far. Much of that 2019 figure is probably going to be from King. Sensor Tower reported last year that COD Mobile netted $17.7 million and 90 Million downloads in its first week and Activision also confirmed this week that the game had surpassed 150 million downloads world-wide. Current estimates for January 2020 put the game's revenue for the month at $13 million, so I think it’s fair to say things are going well.

Off the back of this, Activision seem to be more confident on past commitments to evaluate their mainline franchises. All of Activision's top-line franchises will probably be getting mobile ports of one form or another, with Blizzard’s Diablo: Immortal currently next on the list.

What Activision-owned franchise do you want to see given the ‘Mobile’ treatment?



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