Adventure Game of the Year 2013 Runner-up: Gemini Rue

By Phil Scuderi 12 Dec 2013 0
Crooked rain, crooked rain. Crooked rain, crooked rain.

Why do you play games? If ever it's for the Reading Rainbow/Muppet Babies/Star Trek holodeck sense of pure escapism into a well realized world, you've simply got to check out Gemini Rue. It's one of the purest stimulants of the imagination gland known to science.

You've probably done the noir-plot-in-a-cyberpunk-setting thing before, but you'd have to invoke Ridley Scott to trump Josh Nuernberger's masterful tale. As the game starts a detective waits in the rain for his contact to show. He gets impatient. He starts to poke around. Some stuff happens, nasty words are exchanged, and BOOM. Before you know it you're asking deep questions about personal identity and human nature. It's the sci-fi way.

Some samey characters and poor voice acting kept me from awarding Gemini Rue five stars back in April. In the intervening months I've forgotten those characters' names, but not the world they inhabit. Sometimes in moments of weakness I try to forget it: to expunge from my mind all the worrisome thoughts it prompts. In moments of strength, I revisit it and linger.

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