Age of Empires is (not) coming to iOS & Android

By Owen Faraday 25 Jun 2013 0
Don't get your hopes up, is what I'm saying. Don't get your hopes up, is what I'm saying.

Tech media and mobile games blogs were fairly agog last night reporting that Microsoft had agreed a deal with Japanese studio KLab to bring Age of Empires-licensed games to iOS and Android. Many were shocked that MS would bring one of its most-loved franchises to rival ecosystems before exploiting Age of Empires nostalgia on Windows 8.

Get a grip, guys. If you have visions of real-time skirmishes with swirling army formations and priests card battlers that the Japanese & Chinese markets seem to love. Nothing wrong with them, but they're not proper games. They're certainly not Age of Empires-style RTS games. If you're unfamiliar with these sorts of games and wish to shed your innocence, read Clancy's review of Transformers Legends.

So sure, we can believe that proper Age of Empires games are coming to iOS & Android. We can believe that KLab have gone out and hired a whole new division of engineers experienced in making games wholly alien to the company's usual fare, and that Microsoft decided to not announce this themselves for some reason. But if that actually happens, I will eat my hat.
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