Agricola release slips as Playdek resubmits to App Store

By Owen Faraday 29 May 2013 0
Harrowing. Late harvest.

Playdek have grown so reserved about their communications over the past year that we've started to watch for their occasional pronouncements like white smoke out of the Vatican chimney. When we heard a couple of weeks ago that that Agricola had been submitted to the App Store for approval, I took it as a sign that the hotly-anticipated board game adaptation was just a few days away.

Last night we got the explanation for Agricola's continued absence in the form of a Facebook update from Playdek. A "multiplayer change" is the culprit for the delay, and Playdek resubmitted the app to Cupertino this past Friday.

There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth over this, no doubt -- but if any developer has earned our patience it's surely Playdek, who have never shipped an app that wasn't tighter than the underside of a duck. Agricola should be approved within the next week -- we'll keep reading the tea leaves until then.
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