All aboard: First screenshots of Transport Tycoon for iOS & Android

By Owen Faraday 19 Jul 2013 0
For once. The local authority says yes.

When the impending return of classic sandbox sim Transport Tycoon was revealed on Monday, it was done with the teasing-est of teaser trailers, revealing nothing of the game itself. By drawing out the wait for screenshots of the game, Chris Sawyer and Co. might have been setting us up for an anti-climax -- after all, many of us have been playing Transport Tycoon for 20 years and we know full well what it looks like.

You can bin that worry. I've just received these screenshots from the new Transport Tycoon and while familiar, they show exciting evidence of a game that's been entirely re-worked from the bottom up and not just dumped into some iOS middleware. The press materials from Monday referred to this game as "the definitive edition" of Transport Tycoon, and they seem to mean it.

There's more good news: Mike Rose managed to get a few words out of the reclusive Mr Sawyer for Gamasutra, and the man himself has promised that the revenant Transport Tycoon is no freemium cash-in. "It's a paid title[.] The game doesn't suit the free-to-play revenue model, and I'm also not a great fan of the way free-to-play titles try to make money through in-game purchases or advertising."

One thing we're not seeing here is the UI -- that's what I really want to get a peek at. The game is due out later this year. More screenshots after the jump.

I retained the ginormous original size of these screenshots -- click to see the big versions.


Brighton sure has improved since I last visited. Brighton sure has improved since I last visited.

Was there snow in the old TT? Was there snow in the old TT?

Gorgeous trees. Gorgeous trees.
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