All alone: Out There gameplay trailer

By Owen Faraday 20 Aug 2013 0
It's full of stars. Should have sent a poet.

Michael Peiffert is joining the pilgrimage of game devs headed to Gamescom in lovely Köln, and he's taking with him a preview build of sci-fi adventure Out There -- and a new trailer, too.

I've had a little time with that build. It's still very much a work in progress, but Out There is every bit as melancholy and beautiful as we'd hoped it would be when we saw the first trailer for it back in January. It's a game about discovery and exploration, but also about being alone. By yourself in an unknown (but inhabited) corner of the galaxy, you are the alien.

The last time I talked to Peiffert he was reluctant to give a precise release date because of the huge amount of art and content he wanted to fit into the game, but this build is significantly more complete than the one I played at Rezzed a couple of months ago -- he's definitely making progress.

You really ought to see that new trailer -- it's after the jump.

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